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Best Business Translation Services in Korea

Some of the most requested services corporates seek in South Korea are notary, interpretation, and translation services. Therefore,…

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Korean Startup HiBlocks a Social Media Curation Platform

Blockchain projects in Korea have taken a hit as more and more scam projects are getting exposed every week. Therefore, the term…

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Socar Car Sharing

Socar – The Top Car-sharing Platform in Korea

Korean startup unicorn Socar is the top car-sharing platform in Korea. They went public in 2022, so technically, they are no longer a…

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10 Creative Online Classes on Class101 – English Site

Class101 is a Korean educational startup that offers online courses where you can learn a wide variety of things. From drawing, cooking,…

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Korean Gaming Startups Attracting A Lot of Attention from Investors

Korean Gaming Startups are attracting a lot of attention from investors. South Korea has been a major market for mobile and computer gaming…

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Pet Startups in Korea

Pet Startups in Korea Providing Innovative Services and Solutions

Pet startups in Korea are on the rise because it is estimated that South Koreans spend $3 billion a year on their pets in 2020. The Korea…

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Podium Star

Podium Star helps Korean Startups master their Pitching skills

If the thought of public speaking gives you sweaty hands and wobbly legs, you're not alone. Stage fright is not an uncommon thing amongst…

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Adriel - AI Digital Advertising Platform

Adriel – An AI Digital Advertising Platform that Helps Businesses Scale

AI/SaaS startup Adriel has developed an AI digital advertising platform that helps startups and SMEs run multiple ad campaigns in one…

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