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Real Estate Investing in Korea

XAI Land Incorporates AI for Real Estate Investing in Korea

Most of the wealthiest people in South Korea own real estate. Real estate investing in Korea is considered one of the top long-term…

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Amuse Travel Taps into the Power of User-Generated Content

Traveling the world isn’t a walk in the park. Even for the most seasoned adventurers traveling abroad can be littered with potential…

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KAESA – Modern Sustainable Luxury Handbags & Accessories

Consumers are focusing more and more on brands that are looking to make a change towards a sustainable future. Factors that contribute to…

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Korean Beauty Startup B2LiNK a New Global Transaction System

Korean beauty startup B2LiNK aims to be an exclusive platform that will revolutionize the circulation and trading industry. The startup is…

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Ground X, the Blockchain Subsidiary of Internet Giant Kakao

Ground X is the blockchain subsidiary of the leading South Korean Internet company, Kakao. Ground X aims to tap new and innovative…

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Services in Korea

Services in Korea every Startup Should Know About

Startups in South Korea need to use their money wisely and the money spent needs to bring that much worth of value or more. Startups in the…

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ICON Korean Blockchain Startup

What is ICON? The Most Successful Blockchain Project in Korea

ICON, also known as ICON Foundation is Korea's most popular Blockchain project. It was launched in 2017 by the South Korean blockchain…

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Finding a job in Seoul WANTED

Finding Jobs in Seoul with Job Recruiting Platform WANTED

Finding a job in Seoul is not easy for foreigners, especially if they can't speak Korean. We recommend before using WANTED to find the…

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