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Finding a job in Seoul WANTED

Finding Jobs in Seoul with Job Recruiting Platform WANTED

Finding a job in Seoul is not easy for foreigners, especially if they can't speak Korean. We recommend before using WANTED to find the…

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ST Unitas is Bolstering Education Accessibility around the World

Education becomes accessible when it positively impacts students from diverse backgrounds and learning styles. Producing classroom content…

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Best Business Translation Services in Korea

Some of the most requested services corporates seek in South Korea are notary, interpretation, and translation services. Therefore,…

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Korean Startup HiBlocks a Social Media Curation Platform

Blockchain projects in Korea have taken a hit as more and more scam projects are getting exposed every week. Therefore, the term…

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Socar Car Sharing

Socar – The Top Car-sharing Platform in Korea

Korean startup unicorn Socar is the top car-sharing platform in Korea. They went public in 2022, so technically, they are no longer a…

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Korean Food Waste Startup Domago

DamoGO – A Smart Way to Reduce Food Waste

A social impact startup in Korea is using creativity and technology to reduce food waste in Korea while providing consumers with discounted…

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Filter Off

Video Dating App Filter Off Available in South Korea

The $7 billion dating app industry built platforms that would eventually allow people to meet in person for dates. However, with more and…

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10 Creative Online Classes on Class101 – English Site

Class101 is a Korean educational startup that offers online courses where you can learn a wide variety of things. From drawing, cooking,…

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