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The Top Products on the Korean Crowdfunding Platform Wadiz

The top Korean crowdfunding platform is Wadiz. Wadiz is the platform many startups in Korea look to for seed fundraising. It is also a great platform for investors and consumers to find new and innovative products. It is estimated that the platform will raise over $450 million in 2020. Crowdfunding…

SaaS Markets in Korea

Ways Foreign Players Can Dominate the SaaS Market in Korea

Competition in the SaaS (Software as a Service) space is increasing as customers are looking for better solutions to their problems. Korea has been known for its innovation in the tech space. Many software companies in Korea have sprung up. Thanks to the easily deployable infrastructure like AWS…

Skyline of a big city in the US

Korean Conglomerates Invest in the US Market

This is not the best news for the Korean startup scene. Korean conglomerates like Samsung, SK, Lotte, LG, and others have already started building plants in the United States and have started investing in US companies. This plan is to expand into the world's biggest customer market. Since Donald…

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    Nonce Blockchain

    Entrepreneurs in Korea First Need to Learn How to Fail

    Entrepreneurs in Korea have a larger fear of failure than those in the western world. That might be mainly because of the strict standards set by their parents. In Silicon Valley, it is expected that you fail when starting a startup. Through failure, you can learn from your mistakes. However for…

    SEA Anchor – Helps Korean Startups Enter Southeast Asia

    SEA Anchor is a premium Southeast Asia Anchoring program, strategic venture builder, and early-stage investor. They work closely with startups that are aligned with their investment thesis. They focus on key growth strategy development, opportunity maximization, business advisory, and connections…

    Naver Blog

    How to Rank High on Naver Blog in 10 Easy Steps

    Google is by far the top search engine in the world. However, to reach consumers in South Korea, you need to have a strong presence on Naver, because Naver is the top “search engine” in Korea. To rank high on Naver is difficult and involves different strategies compared to ranking high on Google.…