As anyone who owns a car knows, the current vehicle inspection process is not only slow, costly, and prone to fraud but also very manual and inefficient. There needs to be a better solution that addresses these issues. Inspektlabs has created a solution with their video-based guidance app that allows for identifying and verifying damages from multiple perspectives rather than a single photo. 

Video-Based Guidance App using Computer Vision 

The video-based guidance app created by Inspektlabs uses AI, computer vision, and cutting-edge imaging technologies to automate vehicle inspections. Therefore insurers can quickly assess the conditions of all their vehicles in just a matter of minutes, reducing costs and eliminating opportunities for fraud. Not only does this take the burden off busy inspectors and claims professionals, but it also provides a fairer experience for insurers and customers alike by ensuring accurate assessments at all times.

“I realized the need for a better inspection process that is faster, more efficient, and fair to both insurers and customers. That motivated me to start Inspektlabs, a computer vision platform focused on automating car inspections,” said Devesh Trivedi, the CEO of Inspektlabs. 

Game Changer for Insurers and Customers 

Insurers constantly look for ways to streamline time-consuming processes in today’s fast-paced world. One common problem that many insurance businesses face is damage inspection and verification. Whether assessing minor dents from a car accident or major crashes, measuring and documenting damage can be tedious, cumbersome, and rife with potential error.

The solution created by Inspektlabs uses state-of-the-art computer vision technology and artificial intelligence to speed up the damage assessment process. This innovative software leverages video footage from multiple angles to capture the full extent of the damage and identify individual areas of concern with precision and accuracy. Not only does this cutting-edge approach reduce turnaround times by eliminating the need for manual measurements and coordination between field staff on different sites, but it also provides reliable data that can be used to drive lasting improvements.

Automate Inspections with AI


Inspektlabs has created a product that can detect damages using photos & videos. Therefore, this will eliminate the need for physical inspections. Potential clients can test the app through their website or watch a demo video. Or request a demo, as their APIs are easy to integrate with any system. 

The app can detect 21 types of damage across metal, plastic, fiber, glass, and rubber parts. However, what makes the app special is its ability to recognize old/prior damages, which offers vital protection against fraud. 

Other features offered by Inspektlabs include:

  • Claim estimates and product reviews customized for each market’s repair practices.
  • Text Scanning to read the vehicle’s odometer, VIN, license plate, or any other text.
  • Real-time customer feedback on the quality of the captured photos/videos through their guidance app. 

Inspektlabs offers a high accuracy (95-99%) in damage detection. In addition, the car inspection process that only a few seconds to complete. These two features alone can be a game changer for insurance companies; however, when you add fraud detection technology, the savings become substantial.