Foreigners in Korea might find it difficult to find the right hospital in Korea for their needs. This is because Korea has many different classifications of hospitals. There are hospitals, general hospitals, clinics, and tertiary hospitals (university hospitals). Tertiary hospitals have a wide complement of services and departments and usually have the most experienced doctors in Korea. In addition, there is the plastic surgery industry which can be further broken down into different sectors. Therefore, finding the right hospitals in Korea for foreigners is not easy.

CloudHospital finds the right hospital in Korea for foreigners by using its smart selection system to sort through Korea’s top hospitals, clinics, and tertiary hospitals to provide foreigners with the best match possible. Best of all they guide you through the step-by-step process so you don’t have to.

More and more foreigners are coming to Korea for Korea’s high surgical standards not only in general medicine but also in cosmetic medicine. The medical tourism industry in Korea is at an all-time high. Therefore many centers are competing with each other to attract tourists interested in medical procedures. However, it is common for major hospitals and clinics in Korea to overcharge foreigners for their services. Hospitals in Korea defend this practice saying that pricing is still globally competitive because of Korea’s high-quality medical service. This is why platforms like CloudHospital are vital in finding the best healthcare possible at the correct price.

Finding the Right Hospitals in Korea for Foreigners

Hospitals in Korea for Foreigners

Foreigners in Korea are charged an initial consultation fee at hospitals in Korea. This can range from 40,000 won to 80,000 won. Each hospital is different and additional charges may apply if you wish to speak to a physician with more than 10 years of experience as a specialist. This price could be as high as 3 times what a Korean citizen might pay. The reason many hospitals give for this increase in fees for foreigners in Korea is that the hospitals run an international clinic within the hospital just for foreigners. These international clinics offer longer consultations and need interpretation services.

Instead of researching these hospitals and clinics yourself, it is highly beneficial for foreigners that come to Korea for medical services to use CloudHopsital. You explain your situation and needs and they will search on your behalf to find the best healthcare possible. While at the same time making sure the price is reasonable and within your budget. Their system has only certified hospitals, clinics, and doctors that have been fully verified by CloudHospital. Each medical service provider within their system undergoes a thorough validation process. Whether the need is for general health or beauty, CloudHospital offers some of the best deals in Korea.

Plastic Surgery in Korea for Foreigners

Plastic Surgery in KoreaKorea offers some of the best plastic surgery clinics in the world. Many foreigners carefully compare the price of plastic surgery centers in Korea before choosing the one that best meets their budget. However, there have been complaints by many foreigners that they overcharged or upsold additional services once at these centers. Many plastic surgery companies in Korea offer a low price to get the customer into the door. Then they do their best to offer upgraded packages that far exceed the customer’s budget. What are you going to do? Go somewhere else? You are in a different country with no other options and sadly many foreigners end up paying more than they thought.

In addition, some plastic surgery companies advertise their top doctor who has decades of experience. When in reality the doctor that is actually performing the surgery could be relatively new and inexperienced. In a way, this is the same bait-and-switch strategy. The top doctor might perform a few surgeries per year but a vast majority of the surgeries done are by his “sub” doctors. In most cases, foreign patients will never know this switch even occurred. There is nothing illegal about this as long as the doctor is “overseeing” the process.

CloudHospital Aims to Deliver the Best Solutions for their Clients

Both the cosmetic surgery industry and the general medical industry in Korea are not transparent for foreigners who often find it difficult to find the true costs of services offered. Therefore it is almost impossible for foreigners outside of Korea to find the best treatments and solutions in Korea. Furthermore, many agencies and brokerages in Korea are solely driven by profits without any regard for the patient’s needs. CloudHosital puts the need of the patient first. They place great emphasis on transparency and utilize their capability to match the optimum solutions while taking into account the patient’s unique individual situation.

AI-Based Smart Selection System Database

CloudHospital CloudHospital uses an AI-based smart selection system to find the best possible match for its clients. They have an extensive and constantly updated database of clinics and hospitals in Korea for foreigners. Their AI system is used to find the best available options for patients. In addition, the system finds the best deals offered by these hospitals and clinics. Again these deals are constantly updated to give you the latest best offer available. Those interested in coming to Korea for Medicare procedures, make sure to check out CloudHosptial and see the packages they offer.


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