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HerbiaEra – Substrates that Simplify and Optimize Indoor Growing

Undoubtedly, agriculture is one of the most fundamental industries on our planet. It provides food, fuel, and raw materials for a growing human population; much of modern society would cease to exist without it. However, as the demands of this booming global population continue to increase, traditional farming methods will become increasingly unsustainable. For this reason, many experts predict that the future of agriculture lies in autonomous systems and indoor growing techniques. Agri-tech startup HerbiaEra offers a turnkey solution with their substrate that helps grow a greater variety of plants. 


The AR and VR Industry in South Korea – A Complete Breakdown

The XR market is one of the hottest/fastest-growing industries in the world. XR refers to extended reality…

Marble Mansion

Lockpick Games Help Students Prepare for Standardized Tests

As any parent knows, studying for exams can be daunting for young children. Not only do they have to contend…

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