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VR English Education in Korea

The Future of English Education in Korea – Korean VR Hagwons

English education in Korea is a top priority for most Korean parents. Korea prioritizes learning the English language as there are tens of thousands of English Hagwons (Korean private learning centers) in South Korea. However, most of the English learning centers focus on memorization and not so much on creativity. Online you will find a lot of complaints from foreign teachers about the amount of pressure and work given to their students. Young Korean students are trained to study hard from as early as kindergarten. Therefore, this has led to a generation of followers in Korea, instead of innovative thinkers in the Korean workforce.


Korean Banks Using Blockchain Technology

Korean Banks Using Blockchain Technology – Complete List for 2023

Around the world, the industry that has been against Blockchain the most have been banks. However, in Korea,…

CBD in Korea

A Korean Startup Needs to Capitalize on CBD Oil in Korea

Korea became the first country in East Asia to legalize medical marijuana. CBD oil in Korea is big news…

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