As any parent knows, studying for exams can be daunting for young children. Not only do they have to contend with the sheer amount of material they need to memorize, but they also have to figure out how to make sense of all this information in the context of a test. Edtech gaming startup Lockpick Games aim to ease the burden of studying with a revolutionary test preparation game. 

“The most innovative digital solution was ‘flashcards’ or grinding through mock tests online. I also discovered that parents in Australia were paying between 2,000 to 20,000 dollars a year in tutoring fees for standardized test prep. But what about the families who can’t afford that? The tutor-only system means that more opportunity goes to children of already wealthy households,” said Tash Jamieson, CEO of Lockpick Games. 

Preparing for standardized tests is a huge pain point for families, but the options available leave many students burnt out, depressed, or stressed. Lockpick Games takes the joy of video games and turns them into higher test scores. These test prep games can provide students with an engaging way to practice important skills fundamental for exam success.

Adventure Video Games by Lockpick Games

Lockpick games

The adventure video games by Lockpick Games look and feel like classic games like Pokemon or Final Fantasy. However, the key difference is that to advance in the game; the player needs to answer standardized test questions from their upcoming test. If a student gets stuck on a question, they can click the help button, which will take them to a forum where students can ask questions or read helpful tips and tricks. Moreover, Lockpick Games also has a large network of professional tutors who can provide expertise and support that help students with their test preparation. 

At the end of each gaming session, each student and parent can check their report card, which tells them where the student is performing well and where they need improvement. Therefore, imagine playing a game that combines your favorite role-playing games with the tedium of standardized test prep. 

These adventure video games by Lockpick Games aim to help students prepare for their upcoming tests with questions about math, science, history, and other subjects. Each game has over 300 test questions that students must solve to progress in the game. 

Analysis Through Personalized Dashboards

Lockpick Games

Each student has a personalized dashboard. This dashboard lets them see their estimated test scores over time and helps identify weak spots. This is key to helping parents and tutors see what areas to focus on. In addition, they have video games designed for specific popular standardized tests through their Marble Mansion series. These include: 

  • NSW (New South Wales) Standardized Test 
  • TOEFL Junior
  • SAT

Personalize Each Game Based on Upcoming Tests

The platform is completely flexible. Educators can input standardized test questions into the backend and have a fully customized game to prepare students for their upcoming exams. Therefore, any subject can be covered through Lockpick games.