There has been a growing trend among beauty brands in recent years to focus on sustainable and cruelty-free products. This is in response to increasing consumer demand for sustainable and ethically-produced goods. Many cosmetic companies have switched to using organic ingredients and have adopted policies against animal testing. These changes have helped to make the beauty industry more sustainable and humane. One of the fastest-rising beauty startups in Korea in the sustainable beauty space is Power Player. They are the creators of the beauty tech brand ongredients, an animal cruelty-free organic cosmetics brand that focuses on sustainability. 

The Rise in Demand for Clean Beauty Products

One of the driving forces behind this shift is the rise in popularity of organic and cruelty-free brands by the MZ generation. The MZ generation is more aware of their environmental impact and is increasingly looking for sustainably produced products. In addition, due to COVID-19 and people wearing masks that make the skin more sensitive, more interest has grown in what ingredients are used by cosmetic brands. Therefore, many beauty brands have focused on making their products more environmentally friendly. In addition, brands have committed to being cruelty-free, meaning they do not test their products on animals. This has helped to make the beauty industry more ethical and sustainable.

Why Power Player? 

Power PlayerTo position itself as a global clean beauty tech brand Power Player launched its beauty brand ongredients. Their main products are the cleansing ball and a personal care device that uses an IoT device as a container to detect when the beauty product is running low. Once connected to the app, an automatic order can be placed when the remaining amount of the product falls below a certain level. Therefore the IoT clean beauty device is both functional and elegant. 

Power Player focused on three key points. An interactive subscription service, eco-friendly organic raw materials produced directly in South Korea, and big data collection using AI technology. The big data collected will offer recommendations using an algorithm based on pattern analysis. Best of all, personalized skincare cosmetics can be ordered and delivered through their app for non-face-to-face contact. 

Power Player ongredientsThe brand is growing rapidly in Korea and is available in the largest beauty retailer Olive Young, Shinsegae, and Hyundai department stores within six months. They also export to Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. Moreover, they will plan to enter the US and European markets as their products are already being sold on Amazon. Power Player has three patents related to IoT and one patent related to ingredients. Trademark rights are registered in the US, Europe, Japan, and China. 

Plans for Power Player

As consumers become more concerned about sustainability and animal welfare, beauty brands like Power Player will continue to focus on these issues. This will help to make the beauty industry more sustainable, clean, and humane. Therefore, as Power Player continues to grow globally, they will look to diversify their IoT device categories as well as develop an AI speaker function for their devices. Moreover, as their beauty lines expand, they will look toward smart farm extract manufacturing to continue their clean beauty movement. 

Look for Power Player at CES 2023, as they will showcase their clean beauty tech in Las Vegas. Of all the beauty startups coming out of South Korea, it is refreshing to see a beauty brand focused not only on offering consumers high-quality products but products that focus on organic, sustainable ingredients.