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We have covered over 1,000 startups, SMEs, and government agencies and helped companies in Korea grow their presence on Google. With our data-first approach, we set realistic objectives and report back with meaningful milestones and KPIs. In addition, our feature articles aim to position startups and SMEs in Korea for the highest brand position possible on Google search results.

The Importance of Strong Google Presence

Potential customers worldwide are searching for your product or service online, and they need to start using Naver; they are using Google. Startups in Korea need a successful strategy that allows them to appear above their competitors in search engine results.


Our strategy will not only promote your company to more global customers, partners, and investors but will optimize landing pages to increase conversions and generate sales.


We work with businesses big and small: from brands looking to expand outside of South Korea to Korean government agencies looking to attract global startups, blue chip companies, or international governments.

SEO services we offer:
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Keyword Research

Target the right keywords your site can rank for.

On-Site Content

Optimize your landing pages for your target search terms.

Technical SEO

A full technical audit and recommendations on the key aspects of your website’s performance.

SEO Consultancy

The aim is to offer consultation on how to capture and convert more organic traffic through the optimal SEO strategy for your website.

SEO Training

We will teach you the best practices and equip you with the knowledge to take a forward-thinking approach to this ever-evolving discipline.

SEO-optimized article

A feature article on Seoulz about your brand for a more substantial brand presence on Google.

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