Have you ever heard of “Class101”?

Class101 is a Korean educational startup that offers online courses where you can learn various things. From drawing, cooking, photography, and crafts to business skills for your career, it offers a wide range of kinds. If you are looking for a new hobby or want to develop skills that can help you with your work, this is the perfect website to which you must pay attention. Currently, an English website has been set up for foreigners, which can be paid in dollars and is explained in English. Even if you are not confident, you can challenge yourself if interested. Online classes on Class101 provide an easy and friendly curriculum for beginners.

However, the English website does not have as many courses as the Korean site. But with its growing popularity, the number is increasing. Furthermore, if there is a class that you have interested in, you can vote to cheer for the next class on the English website. Press ‘Support your next course’ from the menu to see what is not yet open. Look at it, choose what you like, and then press ‘support this course’ to vote. This will helps to make richer content.

Here are ten cool online classes that unlock your creativity on Class101

1. Dive into the World of Animation with Disney-Inspired iPad Drawing Course

Anyone who has an iPad and is interested in drawing should try this online class. This course is provided by freelance illustrator Eunbi and is for beginners. The original audio is in Korean but subtitled in English. The satisfaction level of the students who took the class reached 97 percent. Illustrator teaches you how to draw characters from the basics of knowing Disney and Pixar-style paintings. There is no need to worry about it as it provides 1:1 feedback to struggling students. With 42 lectures and a running time of 11h 41m, the course can be enrolled for $119. I highly recommend having the Apple Pencil before taking the course because it is the standard for drawing on iPads. If you want to make your memories and precious things unique works, apply now!

2. Travel & Lifestyle Illustrations – Learn Marker & Pen Drawing

In a world where digital has become daily life, sometimes we miss something analog. I recommend this class if you want to draw something on paper without using an iPad or smartphone. Through this drawing course, you can feel the ink spreading and hear the scratching of pens. Instructor Rini uses this course to teach you how to use liner pens, the color of the marker naturally, and gradation. You can also have about ten artworks after all classes are over. The main themes he deals with are travel and lifestyle. Recording a memorable place as a drawing while traveling would be cool. This will also help refresh your mood and make your daily life more special.

3. Transform Still Images into Moving Stories with the “Beats to Relax/Study to” Animator

Do you listen to music when you study or relax? If you’ve searched for relaxing music on YouTube, you’ll probably be familiar with this picture. Even when writing this article, I listen to music with this Animator’s work. You can look at the artwork of instructor Juan Pablo Machado on the YouTube channel “ChilledCow.” The class is offered for $115. Students will master the tools first and then move on to the next step to learn character design. He will help you understand how to translate your ideas into your original illustrations. Then use Photoshop to bring a still image to life with movement. If you want to try something more interesting than ordinary paintings, nothing is more suitable than this course. It is also selling fast among online classes in Class101.

4. An Online Beaurit Class: Home Training and Pilates for Correcting Body Posture

When you look at your laptop for a long time, you may have experienced a tense neck or shoulder problem. Sometimes we find it hard to fix our posture even though we realize it is wrong. Many workout videos are more about building muscles and consuming calories than postural correction. It offers a checklist to find out how damaged your body is. If you want to understand your body correctly and make changes, I recommend this Online beauty class. You can go at your own pace; it is a 20-week course.

Perhaps the word “beaurit” is unfamiliar. Beaurit is a tool that helps you to do pilates easily at home. It is developed by instructors Byul and Sol. Although it is an online lecture, it is close to personal training because of the detailed explanation. Instructor Byul teaches the theory part, and Sol teaches exercises to help you understand better. You can purchase beaurit tool and lecture video together in the package.

Those that watch the package will master the knowledge of correct posture through the theory lessons and learn the movements perfectly from the instructor. The lessons are designed to help you strengthen your muscles, correct your posture, and relax your muscles.

Highly recommended for those that need help with:

  • Objectively checking my body
  • Correct walking, fine walking
  • Breathing and core strengthening
  • Pelvic Correction & Exercises
  • Shoulder Correction & Exercises
  • Hip exercises
  • Self-care massages

Therefore those who want to do Pilates from the comfort of their own home should try Beaurit.

5. For Ultimate Beginners: Jenny’s Korean Alphabet & Practical Writing with Seemile Korea

This online class is a course for foreigners who want to learn Korean. This class starts on September 3rd this year and is offered with English audio and English subtitles. If you’ve ever wanted to learn Korean, but felt it difficult to start, take this class. You can access the lecture for one year, compared to other classes offering 20 weeks of access. Instructor Jenny will make you master the Korean alphabet Hangeul and pronunciation. She has 15 years of experience in Korean language education. If you want to see how the class works, you can check out a sample of her class below.

6. Create Beautiful Letterings on Your iPad: Online Calligraphy Class

No matter how easy the course is, try calligraphy if you feel like drawing is too difficult. This class welcomes students by saying, “Add Special Touch to Your Life.” It helps you practice in detail from A to Z. Calligraphy artist Kim20 will lead you to an interesting calligraphy world. She was fascinated by the charm of writing and had been teaching this for about five years. This online calligraphy class will help you write beautifully and allow you to take your feelings and experiences into it. You can make your moments a special record through her curriculum.

7. Café-Style Baking, At home: Online Class for Beginners

Let’s make a sweet dessert for a special person or yourself on an ordinary day. Patissier Ileonnal provides easy recipes for beginners. Ingredients and materials are in the class package. The things you can learn from this curriculum starts with the basics, including lemon madeleines, cheese tart, cream cheese brownies, chocolate raspberry cupcake, vanilla cube cake with seasonal fruits, and chocolate character cube cakes. The instructor not only teaches you how to make it delicious but also how to make it as pretty as if you’ve just brought it from a famous dessert shop.

Also, this class offers information for those who want to make baking for a living. For example, business owners are taught the metrics for mass production and how to store their ingredients and products.

8. From Filming to Editing, All on Your Smartphone: A Vlogging Class by Sueddu

Did you know that your repetitive daily life can be interesting content for others? Vlog allows people to experience various lifestyles while filming and sharing their daily lives. However, when we try to make a video, it is often shaky and full of small and big mistakes. Instructor Sueddu’s Vlogging class does not require professional equipment. You can shoot Vlogs on your smartphone. In this online class, you can easily learn how to capture a beautiful moment and edit it using VLLO. After the whole curriculum is over, you can record your day like a movie. You can also find other online classes in Class101 made by Sueddu.

9. Digital Photography & Editing with Lightroom: A Beginner’s Course

Photographer MAZECT has been teaching an offline photography class for seven years and now does online classes on Class101. There are 748 reviews for this course, and 94% of the students said they were satisfied with it. In this curriculum, the students learn each camera mode’s aperture, shutter speed, and usage. Also, MAZECT will teach you how to edit photos with Lightroom. He helps students to find their style, not just follow his instructions. If you bought a camera recently and didn’t know how to use it, or if you have a camera at home, take it out immediately and enroll in this class.

10. Learn Music Production with GRAY

South Korea’s famous musician GRAY opens his online music production class. He is a creative music producer who has made hit songs such as Hold tight(2014)-Loco, MOMMAE(2015)-Jay Park, do it(2015)-GRAY. In his online class, you can learn how to layer new tracks and create hooks that stick. The course offers 12 months of access plus a bonus month. It sells at a discount from $599 down to $299.

If you want to make your music, enroll now. Here is an interesting Q&A with the instructor.

Q: Can beginners take and follow this course as well?

A: Yes, of course. I never majored in music, and I am a self-taught artist myself. That’s why I am confident that I can guide you through the beginning of production.

Q: What do you think is exclusive about this online course? 

A: I’m breaking down the creation process of my most successful tracks in this course. I’m confident you will be satisfied with the class contents. We will be following step by step through my process of creation.

Q: What do you have to say for those that think the course might be too difficult or too easy? 

A: From beginners who haven’t produced music through MIDI and are new to chord structure to experienced producers who are used to DAWs and have to produce some tracks, I am looking into different classmates’ needs and trying my best to even out the curriculum for all of them.