Best Logistics Companies in Korea for eCommerce Fulfillment Solutions

When managing eCommerce orders, there are a lot of things businesses have to consider. The three main considerations include warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment. South Korea and Seoul do a great job getting products bought online to customers’ homes. Great logistics companies in Korea can handle your warehousing and fulfillment needs. Therefore, businesses can quickly grow in a dense city like Seoul, which is why these third-party fulfillment solutions in Korea are a lifesaver. Working with logistics companies in Korea can be intimidating, especially regarding eCommerce fulfillment. This is why Naver launched The Naver Fulfillment Alliance (NFA) to reduce SMEs’ logistical problems by offering various logistics partners in Korea.

E-commerce fulfillment includes the process of picking, packing, and delivering products to customers. Therefore, it also includes storage and delivery management. You can scale your business faster by outsourcing fulfillment, focusing entirely on customer acquisition. Consumers in Korea expect prompt service and quick product delivery. Therefore, if you can’t offer fast delivery in South Korea, you will lose business to competitors that can. One long delay and consumers will remember. This is why Korea also has some of the best freight service startups in Korea.

Check out these fulfillment solutions in Korea by innovative logistics startups.

Logistics Companies in Korea



MeshKorea is one of the few logistics companies in Korea on the verge of becoming a startup unicorn. The largest shareholder in Mesh, Korea, is Naver which has a little over 20% stake in the company. They have aggressively built micro-fulfillment centers, automated storage facilities, and employed IT professionals in Korea. Therefore, they aim to provide a quick commerce service that can receive orders and deliver small quantities of items within an hour.

MeshKorea offers product storage, inventory management, and shipping via their delivery app Vroong. They have over 49,000 delivery drivers and operate 440 logistics bases across South Korea.


WEKEEP provides standardized fulfillment services specialized for SME-sized sellers. Therefore, they work with companies with eCommerce logistics regardless of their storage volume. In addition, they handle logistics tasks such as location management, arrival/delivery, packaging/delivery, inventory management, solution processing, and settlement. WEKEEP links with multiple shopping mall API’s to offer real-time order collection, invoice transmission, and CS management. Furthermore, they link with multiple courier companies to offer faster data on delivery status, delivery accidents, returns, and exchanges. Therefore, businesses can check the logistics processing status through real-time statistical data and their monthly logistics cost settlement history with WEKEEP’s automated settlement system. To date, WEKEEP has 11 logistics centers across South Korea.


Logistics Startups in Korea

DOHANDS is an e-commerce logistics fulfillment company in Korea. They focus on helping online entrepreneurs grow and help them expand into overseas markets. They specialize in offering a same-day delivery service through Poomgo, a customized logistics solution for e-commerce sellers. It uses AI technology such as logistics optimization and demand forecasting. Furthermore, Naver is one of its existing shareholders, and through them, DOHANDS is a part of NFA.

Techtaka (ARGO)


Techtaka is the creator of a fulfillment service called ARGO.  ARGO is a system that allows businesses to see the processes of product management, order management, and warehouse management.  Therefore, ARGO provides a one-stop logistic system that offers optimized data in real-time to improve logistics operations and lower costs. In addition, they have several networks that connect warehouses in Korea together.

The full list of services includes:

  • CMS (eCommerce Management Service)
  • OMS (Order Management Service)
  • WMS (Warehouse Management Service)
  • TMS (Transportation Management Service)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management Service)


Korean Startup Fassto

FASSTO is the creator of an AI logistics platform that uses its AI and big data for its fulfillment management and warehouse control systems. It takes care of the ordering, packing, and shipping of businesses of all sizes. Moreover, they offer a real-time updated order book where you can check delivery statuses and link with over 400 shopping malls.



Logispot is a smart logistics platform that offers various logistics services for businesses. They not only offer transportation services for corporate clients but also offer real-time monitoring, one-click settlement processing, and emergency response services. Therefore, they are a fully digital integrated logistics company. They can design specialized logistics for companies such as eCommerce businesses by continuously optimizing logistics through data. They can connect logistics, technology, and customers through their logistics network, intelligent platform, base warehouse operation, and operational capabilities.


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