One of the industries that are in desperate need of innovation is the logistics industry. Therefore, there have emerged numerous logistics startups in Korea looking to disrupt the business of moving and storing things by digitizing and automating as many industrial processes as possible. A lot of the innovation has come from freight service startups in Korea looking to revolutionize the logistics industry. Most of today’s trucking industry hype is centered around self-driving or remote-driving startups. However, there are other ways to improve logistics such as having shipments more efficient through apps, platforms, and software.

Freight services include transporting products or cargo physically by sea, air, rail, or ground. Therefore, companies looking to transport large cargo rely on freight companies to do so. Freight service startups in Korea offer a variety of services so we decided to break them down below.

Freight Service Startups in Korea

Coconut Silo

Coconut SiloFreight service startup Coconut Silo developed a truck-hailing platform where clients can track their resources from anywhere and at any time. The logistics tracking solution startup spun off from Hyundai Motor’s H-Startup program. They help make cross-border logistics smoother with tracking technology and at no additional cost. Their truck-hailing solution is called CocoTruck which enables cargo owners to move their cargo even if they don’t own any trucks. This allows them to get more orders than before. They have already expanded into Southeast Asia including Arabic countries.



TRADLINX is a logistics startup that addresses the information asymmetry between businesses and forwarders. They digitize basic information such as shipping schedules, vessel routes, and cargo locations of major shipping companies around the world. Currently, they work with over 100 forwarding partners across the globe. Their integrated freight management system allows all SMEs that import and export to receive quotes from various forwarders. They can even check the progress of logistics through the system in real time. In addition, SMEs can use this data to find out which route is the faster and safest for freight transport. Some of the other services offered by TRADELINX include trade logistics, consulting services, company matching services, and quotation comparison services.