SaaS (Software as a Service) startups in Korea are rising as more retailers use SaaS Solutions for their business. SaaS products and services are great for companies because all they need is access to the internet and just log in. Retailers usually pay a subscription fee to use SaaS business tools. SaaS Startups in Korea are promising because they have immediate access to the global market and can grow without raising product delivery costs. Retail SaaS products and services are online and can be accessed from any browser or device. Therefore, this allows for network security, easier collaboration, and upfront prices.

We also have a separate article on SaaS Startups in Korea dealing with business management software in a separate article. So make sure to check that out as well.

Best Korean SaaS Startups for the Retail Sector

Spoqa -Dodo Point

Korean SaaS startup SpoqaOne of the few Korean SaaS startups making it big in retail is Spoqa, the creator of the customer loyalty solution Dodo Point. Users do not have to download apps or carry around a loyalty card. All they need is their phone number (Kakao Talk). Therefore stores can become friends with their customers. Therefore, this allows for free messaging for merchants where they can share their latest coupons and videos. In addition, the customer has the option to block the stores. Dodo has over 10,000 partner merchants and has already exceeded 20 million users in Korea. They have raised over $11 million in funding over five rounds. In addition, Spoqa also operates:

  • Automated coupon campaigns for customer retention called Dodo Message
  • Targeted advertising on social media for customer acquisition called Dodo Ads
  • Dashboard and analytics services for store metrics called Dodo Manager

Their focus for 2021 will be to expand into the Southeast Asian market. In addition, they are looking to allow users to monetize their data through blockchain technologies and incorporate that into our services moving forward.

“Consumers needs are becoming increasingly diverse, and are growing beyond the simple shopping experience. In this regard, Dodo Point is gaining traction with many partners in many different industries,” said Co-CEO of Spoqa, Grant Sohn.

ZOYI Corporation

Korean SaaS Startup ZOYI

Korean SaaS startup ZOYI Corporation offers e-commerce businesses personalized shopping experiences online and offline. They collect and analyze data across platforms for targeted marketing campaigns. Furthermore, ZOYI can analyze offline data through tech solution products Walk Insights and online data with Walk Insights is a big data platform that provides dashboards and insights for online-to-offline retail businesses. is a messenger chat plugin that allow e-commerce sites to engage with their users and increase customer acquisition.


Datarize is a Korean e-commerce data startup that has developed an all-in-one online growth solution for e-commerce shopping malls. They evaluate and analyze e-commerce websites to look for automation solutions for their marketing based on customer data. Retailers that use Datarize’s automatizing solution saw an average of 10% increase in their sales.

Their plans moving forward are to target the North American market through the eCommerce platform Shopify and expand services for web builder platforms and independent malls. Datarize received a follow-up investment from Naver D2 Startup Factory, Weventures, Korea Development Bank, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, and Stonebridge Ventures for their Series A round for $10 million.