Cold chain solutions in Korea are on the rise as the demand for the storage, preservation, and transportation of cargo in cold temperatures is increasing. COVID-19 showed the importance of these solutions for medicinal products, as spoiled vaccines can lose their efficacy and have serious consequences. The key target range in celsius is 2 to 8 degrees and this is called the “cold chain” this range must be assured by all parties from the manufacturer to the shipper. The global cold chain logistics market is expected to pass $585 billion by 2026.

There are some cold chain logistics startups in Korea that offer cold chain visibility. Managing cold chains for pharmaceutical and/or food product companies has grown more complex in Korea as global players continue to enter the market. Here’s a look at some of the best cold chain solutions in Korea offered by logistics startups.

Cold Chain Solutions in Korea


cold chain startups in KoreaCold chain startup s.lab produces special boxes for cold-chain fresh product deliveries and offers advanced delivery services. It is currently building a logistics network. This logistics network will sell and distribute fresh products not only in South Korea but across Southeast Asia. Moreover, s.lab’s cold chain box is carrying out usability tests with global pharmaceutical companies for pharmaceutical product transportation.

Team Fresh

cold chain startups in Korea

Team Fresh is a cold chain startup for fresh food logistics. It specializes in early morning delivery services in Korea for the fresh food industry. They currently own 90% of the morning delivery market thanks to their comprehensive cold-chain platform. Team Fresh was able to raise over $26 million for their Series C. The round included investors such as Kakao Investment, KT Investment, Shinhan Capital, and STIC Ventures. This brings their total funding to date to over $45 million.