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Setting up a Business in Korea

5 Step Guide to Setting up a Business in Korea as a Foreigner

The question that I get asked the most from foreigners in Korea is about setting up a business in Korea. South Korea has become an excellent location for global entrepreneurs and investors looking to enter the Asian market. Seoul, in particular, has become a global hub for startups passionate about…

Starting a Business in Korea

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Business in Korea

South Korea's GDP is 10th in the world with a total of $1.64 trillion as of 2019. A small country like South Korea has made the top 10 because they have made a concerted effort to open up its economy to foreign players. Therefore many foreigners are interested in starting a business in Korea.…

South Korean e-commerce

Targeting South Korean Consumers – Everything you Need to Know

South Korea has powerful industries in mobile, automotive, beauty, fashion, entertainment, and technology. They got to this level because of their massive workforce that has usually put career over family. The average Korean worker works about 70 hours a week. It got so bad that the Korean…

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    Startup Autobahn Korea – Powered by N15 – Make Innovation Real

    Mercedes-Benz Korea kicked off its Startup Autoban Korea program and gave international startups to join for the first time! Hosted by Mercedes-Benz Korea and operated by N15, the program looked for startups that wanted to disrupt the mobility industry with fresh ideas. In collaboration with the…

    veterinary startups in Korea

    Veterinary Startups in Korea – Animal Healthcare Startups

    Veterinary startups in Korea or pet health startups in Korea have ushered in a new era of convenient services that make the lives of pets, pet owners, and veterinarians easier. With the advancement in technology, the overall pet health industry in Korea is growing which is great because Korean pet…

    Pet Startups in Korea

    Pet Startups in Korea Providing Innovative Services and Solutions

    Pet startups in Korea are on the rise because it is estimated that South Koreans spend $3 billion a year on their pets in 2020. The Korea Rural Economic Institute feels this number will double to $5 billion by 2027.  If you walk down the streets of Seoul, you will see dogs in some of the cutest…