There is an increasing need for clean and green solutions to lower emissions following The Paris Agreement. This has led to the rise in the EV and hydrogen markets which are both forecast to grow in the coming years to go carbon neutral. One of the top trending markets not just around the world but also in South Korea is the green hydrogen market. HEZ, a startup in Korea, is one of the few startups focused on using green hydrogen to reduce vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. 

What is Green Hydrogen?

Green Hydrogen Hez

Green hydrogen is when hydrogen is produced by splitting water using electrolysis. By doing this, only hydrogen and oxygen are produced. Hydrogen is used while oxygen is released into the atmosphere. There are no carbon emissions. This differs from blue hydrogen, where natural gas is split into hydrogen and CO2, and grey hydrogen, which also splits natural gas into hydrogen and oxygen. However, which blue hydrogen, the CO2 is stored, while with grey hydrogen, the CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Therefore, green hydrogen is seen by many as essential for achieving zero carbon emissions. 

While using a hydrogen stack for waste processing, the founder of HEZ realized the massive potential of creating a hydrogen generator that could be plugged right into a car engine. After years of development, HEZ has created a solution that allows for hydrogen production and has a direct interface to the motor of a vehicle for a more efficient burn. They created a small hydrogen generator air intake engine called HYO M5 (Mobility 5) that can be installed in most vehicles. 

What is HHO? 

HHO generators split water into base molecules (2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen). The HHO is not an alternative to gasoline; instead, it increases the engine’s efficiency. Most gasoline engines do not burn fuel efficiently. It is only around 20% efficient. Therefore, there is a lot of room for improvement. Hydrogen is far more flammable than gasoline. Therefore this means when the engine ignites the hydrogen, the explosion ignites the gasoline in a far more efficient way. It also results in a cleaner burn which produces lower emissions. Think of it as putting gasoline to a flame, but in this case, the flame is the gasoline, and the gasoline is the hydrogen. 

This process ends up producing lower emissions. There are lower emissions because the higher burn temperature and explosion clean the soot that tends to collect in engines. Think of an engine constantly getting cleaned out and consistently maintained. This leads to a cleaner engine, resulting in lower emissions and better efficiency. 

HEZ – HYO M5 HHO generator 

HEZ HYOCreating green hydrogen is emissions-free, making green hydrogen a key component in the fight against climate change. As the world looks for cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy, green hydrogen is increasingly seen as a key part of the solution. Despite its many benefits, however, green hydrogen faces significant challenges. The production process is relatively expensive, and large-scale infrastructure is required to store and transport it. This is why the HYO M5 HHO generator is the perfect solution. It can be incorporated into any gas-fueled cars and trucks already on the market. 

HezAs the world looks for new ways to combat climate change, green hydrogen will likely play an essential role for countries like South Korea looking to go carbon neutral. HEZ has shown their HHO generator can improve fuel efficiency by 10-50%. While lowering emissions by 70-95%. The HHO generator is priced at $1,400 for 7,000 cc engines with a 1-year warranty. They plan to work with the Korean government to install the HHO generators for public vehicles. In addition, they are looking to partner with US freight companies for last-mile delivery carriers moving forward.