There will be significant advancements in the way healthcare is delivered in Korea. Growing technological achievements in the healthcare industry have given birth to many innovations to help hospitals, doctors, and patients. These technological achievements are in new technologies such as AI, data analytics, computer vision, and robotics. Korean medical robotics startups are creating robots that will someday be used in surgeries and to free up time for providers to engage more with their patients. These robots will also be used for patient care both physically and mentally. Therefore, the impact of medical robots cannot be overemphasized. They are quickly becoming one of the most competitive and lucrative markets not just in Korea but all around the world.

The medical robotics market is expected to reach $24 billion globally by 2027. Below are some of the top Korean medical robotics startups impacting Korea’s healthcare sector.

Korean Medical Robotics Startups

EasyEndo Surgical

EasyEndo Surgical

EasyEndo Surgical is the creator of a flexible endoscopic surgical robot. It offers an invasive robot-assisted surgery with its precision control of 3.7 mm diameter robotic arms. Therefore, it can carry out procedures on the spot by navigating through the complicated inner body space. The endoscopic surgical robot is called K-FLEX and has already been tested in hospitals in Korea. Moreover, it has proven to be able to be deployed into natural orifices such as the mouth, anus, and vagina without requiring external incisions.


Curexo is a Korean medical robot maker of artificial joint surgery robots. Their flagship surgical robot is called CUVIS-joint. It is a completely automatic system capable of cutting bones for artificial joints to be inserted more safely and accurately. In addition, Curexo provides differentiated products and medical solutions based on cutting-edge medical technology.

H Robotics


H Robotics is the creator of an intelligent robotic rehabilitation device called Rebless. It assists with the rehabilitation of patients suffering from upper and lower limb issues. It allows patients to switch its mode as they process through their rehab. In addition, it offers a personalized rehabilitation module tailored to each patient’s needs. Furthermore, Rebless received the CES innovation award at CES 2022 and won the Innovation Technology Award at the 6th Medical Device Industry Awards.