An innovative mobility media startup Kizzle Korea has launched the Taxi Mediabar, which can be installed in any moving vehicle to target potential customers. Taxi advertising can be an effective marketing strategy for companies to promote their product or services. Aside from traditional media such as radio, newspapers, tv, and the internet, the empty spaces inside a taxi can serve as a tool for advertising at a much lower price. In addition, the ads get the full attention of the passenger. 

Taxi advertising can be a very effective marketing tool, targeting consumers with higher purchasing power. Furthermore, most taxis spend most of their time in cities or town centers with high traffic levels. Therefore, taxis focus on shopping centers, airports, business districts, convention centers, etc. 

Kizzle Korea

Kizzle Korea is an LG venture-backed startup. They offer a solution for companies looking for innovative ways to advertise their product or services and offer mobility companies additional forms of revenue. Kizzle Korea offers a digital mediabar display that can be placed inside a taxi. Therefore, taxi drivers/companies can make extra income by running ads that can be targeted based on demographics, geography, and the time of day. 

How does it work? 

Kizzle Korea

The installation team from Kizzle Korea installs the mediabar to the taxi free of charge. They share the revenue with the taxis by giving them 30% of the advertisement service fee. Therefore, Kizzle Korea handles everything from equipment manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and so on. There is minimal effort or risk on the part of the taxi company/driver. Advertisers can contact the Kizzle Korea sales team to inquire about advertising using Mediabar.

The best part is that the mediabar is not limited to being installed in taxis. In addition, the mediabar can be installed in golf carts, cable cars, ambulances, buses, and moving vehicles. Kizzle Korea has already partnered with a driverless compact bus called Spring Cloud and an ambulance company in South Korea. 

Mediabar Installation Growing in Korea

Kizzle Korea

The Kizzle team consists of the installation and advertisement sales teams. The installation sales team has actively targeted taxi companies or private taxi drivers to install their media bar. They are targeting Seoul and regions such as Daegu and Daejeon and are constantly expanding. In addition, the advertisement team continues to reach out to advertisers who have gotten positive responses from their campaigns. 

Kizzle Korea is currently crowdfunding in Korea to install 20,000 mediabars in taxis in Korea for 2023. 20,000 accounts for 10% of all taxis in Korea. Moreover, their mediabar is watched by over 200,000 people daily and plans to see 400 million won in sales by the end of 2022. 

Future Plans

Taxis are a common sight in cities across the globe, and they provide an essential service for millions of people. Therefore, given the time people spend in taxis, it’s not surprising that advertising to taxi riders is a popular marketing strategy. After all, what could be better than having your message seen by a captive audience who is guaranteed to be in a good mood? In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must take advantage of every opportunity to market their products and services. Kizzle Korea offers businesses the opportunity to reach audiences in a way that feels personal and impactful. 

After finding success in South Korea, Kizzle Korea plans to expand to new markets. They have partners in California and Tokyo and are looking for additional partners to help them expand to new regions.