The days of natural skincare being just about lemons and avocados are over. World-leading skincare researchers are constantly searching for the most innovative natural skincare ingredients packed full of actives. And now, more choices exist for highly effective vegan beauty products. 

Find serums with ingredients you’ve probably not heard of, like sunlight fermented Jakseol tea, to ones you’re more familiar with, like turmeric. A whole pantry of exciting ingredients is waiting to find a spot in your skincare cabinet. 

Want to be up to date with the latest and most creative natural ingredients chosen by the experts? We’ve got you covered!

9 Natural Ingredients used by Beauty Brands

1. Bakuchiol

Retinol is hot on the skincare scene. But hot is exactly how it feels on sensitive skin. Luckily, bakuchiol is a gentle yet effective alternative that works just as well as its synthetic sister. Moreover, the extract is derived from the babchi plant, commonly used in Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. 

Like retinol, it visibly fights wrinkles by increasing cell turnover and promoting collagen production. 


2. Hemp Seed

From plant-based milk to vegan protein bars, hemp seeds are ubiquitous in the wellness industry. And that extends right through to skincare, too. Furthermore, this superfood is rich in omega fatty acids and Vitamin D that soothe inflammation while nourishing the skin. 


3. Snow Mushroom

There’s a new mushroom on the scene that’s magic in all the right ways. The snow mushroom, also known as tremella, is being touted as the next hyaluronic acid due to its intense hydration. Moreover, finding a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid, a substance that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water, was no easy feat. Yet tremella works in a similar way pulling moisture into the skin. Plus, the particles are even smaller than hyaluronic acid so they can penetrate deeper into the skin’s dermis layers. 

Like other mushrooms, such as shitake and reishi, the snow mushroom is also rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. 


4. Jakseol tea

We’re no strangers to tea in our skincare products from green and black tea. And now, all-natural vegan skincare brand CHA’UL skincare is ready to bring the all-natural benefits of Korean fermented tea to the skin. The brand creates products using Jakseol tea, a type of tea from Hadong, Korea. 

Hadong is one of Korea’s most renowned and essential tea districts with fields that have produced tea for over 1,200 years and was once appointed by past royal dynasties. 

The tea is fermented using a 7-step traditional sunlight fermentation method based on seven years of research for less irritation and high efficacy. Only the sun and wind go into the process, making it slow and gentle, instead of the harsh chemical fermentation chosen by many skincare brands. 

The enzymes boost the tea’s efficacy and make products easier to absorb. The result is the CHA’UL Sunlitea Complex which brightens the skin, helps to reduce wrinkles, and promotes elasticity. Furthermore, the products are steeped in scientific research and ancient wisdom, from the Early Ritual Water Essence to the Early Ritual Cream.

Keep reading to learn more about CHA’UL skincare.


5. Turmeric

Golden turmeric is packed full of health benefits. It boosts the immune system, helps sore tummies, and can even aid a hangover. So it should be no surprise that it’s packed with skin-loving benefits. With anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties, it’s often used to combat acne. In addition, curcumin, found within turmeric, lightens pigmentation making it ideal for preventing acne scarring. 


6. Marine Algae

natural skincare ingredients

Marine algae make up some of the hottest skincare ingredients from the sea these days. From green algae to brown algae and blue algae, there’s a wide variety of plants, all with unique properties to be explored. With a high seawater concentration, these plants contain vitamins and minerals that are hard to come by on land. Furthermore, the ingredients can target many skin concerns, from fine lines to dehydrated skin and hyperpigmentation. Plus, they fight against free radicals caused by daily skin stressors like pollution and the sun. 


7. Propolis

natural skincare ingredientsMuch like honey and royal jelly, but much less known, propolis is an ingredient produced by bees full of benefits for the skin. This ingredient has been popular in Korean skincare for a few years, and it’s also gaining traction in the Western beauty world. Moreover, propolis has incredible wound healing powers, making it ideal for acne scars. Plus, it intensely moisturizes without using heavy creamy ingredients, allowing it to balance the skin’s moisture without congesting pores.


8. Yuzu Fruit

The yuzu fruit, also known as yuja, is unique citrus known for its uplifting scent and tart taste. Like its cousin, the orange, it’s packed full of vitamin C, making it the ideal skincare ingredient. Use it to lighten dark spots, reverse sun damage, and fade acne scars. In addition, it also contains anti-aging properties that boost collagen production, keeping your skin looking bouncy and youthful while also fighting past damage. 


9. Mugwort

Mugwort has been used in Korean cooking and medicine for thousands of years. And today, it’s a much-loved ingredient in Korean skincare, too. The high Vitamin E content strengthens the skin barrier and helps it retain moisture. But above all, it’s known for soothing. Therefore, those with acne and sensitive skin turn to the ingredient to relieve redness and calm flareups. This might just be the next Green Tea watch this space! 

About CHA’UL

CHA’UL is an all-natural Korean skincare brand with fermented tea from South Korea. The name comes from the word “cha,” which means tea in Korean. When you create a ritual with these products, you can feel a tea ceremony’s inner peace and warmth every day. 

The brand is launched by Beiersdorf, a powerhouse in German skincare with over 149 years of research and expertise. Therefore, Korea’s ancient wisdom and Germany’s technical expertise work together through the product lineup. However, nature is at the true heart of this brand.

Featuring vegan formulas approved by France Eve Vegan, strictly all-natural ingredients, fermentation and extraction methods, and FSC-certified packaging, CHA’UL is eco-friendly throughout the production process. 

The brand lineup’s main product is the CHA’UL Early Ritual Water Essence which contains 80% Sunlight tea Complex. Therefore, this water-type essence should be used after cleansing to moisturize and calm the skin visibly while boosting elasticity. Moreover, like all CHA’UL products are formulated and dermatologically tested to suit sensitive skin. 

In addition to this essence, the brand currently features an ampoule and moisture cream. This January, an oil, elixir, and treatment mask have been released. 

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Instagram account: chaul.official


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