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Mycovation harnesses Mycelium to produce Better food

As the world struggles with food security and nutrition challenges, there is growing acknowledgment that our current food system is broken and unsustainable. The current system relies heavily on industrial agriculture practices that involve large-scale monoculture farming methods and heavy use of…

How Strong is AI Development in South Korea?

The future is AI Technology. Top entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have been talking about the potential value as well as the harm of true AI. AI represents a major leap forward in how computers can learn on their own. In Korea, a vast majority of jobs are jobs that require little…


HerbiaEra – Substrates that Simplify and Optimize Indoor Growing

Undoubtedly, agriculture is one of the most fundamental industries on our planet. It provides food, fuel, and raw materials for a growing human population; much of modern society would cease to exist without it. However, as the demands of this booming global population continue to increase,…

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    Inspektlabs – A Video-Based Guidance App for Car Inspections

    As anyone who owns a car knows, the current vehicle inspection process is not only slow, costly, and prone to fraud but also very manual and inefficient. There needs to be a better solution that addresses these issues. Inspektlabs has created a solution with their video-based guidance app that…

    Drone Startups in Korea

    The Drone Industry in South Korea – A Complete Overview

    The Korean government has been behind the push for the increase in robotics and drone technology. Currently, drones are being used for many things such as disaster relief (COVID), agriculture, repairs, and logistics. In addition, there is a growing interest in Korea for personal drones which are…

    Nusa Motors

    Nusa Motors – Electric Motorcycle Company in Indonesia

    As the largest and most populous country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is well-known for its scorching heat and regularly heavy traffic. With so many cars, trucks, and buses on the roads every day, there is a strong growing demand for an alternative mode of transportation that could help to reduce…