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marketing companies in Korea

The Best Advertising & Marketing Companies in Korea

In order to successfully enter the Korean market one must understand Korean consumers. Also for those Korean startups and companies looking to expand to the global market, one must understand the international global consumer. What Korean and global consumers have in common is that they respond…

Korean Government Programs

Government Programs that Support Foreign Startups in Korea

The Korean startup Ecosystem has been lopsided for a very long time. Until 2012-2013, the startup scene in Korean had remained homogeneous. There have been many calls by foreign entrepreneurs to raise the number of foreign startups in Korea. The Korean government has responded by setting up many…

Korea Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Korea – Reach a Wider Audience

South Korea’s digital landscape has gone through major changes in recent years. This is due to the rise of smart technologies and innovation hubs for modern startups. With the ever-increasing demands for consumer attention, digital marketing in Korea has never played a more prominent role in…

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    Video Editing Startups in Korea

    Best Video Editing Startups in Korea using Artificial Intelligence

    Videos are a vital part of all digital marketing campaigns. These days one can't think of marketing or sales strategies without the use of rich media like videos. Marketing in South Korea relies heavily on video content whether it is on streaming platforms, websites, apps, and even games. Therefore…

    AI-Powered Chatbots

    Startups in Korea developing AI-powered Chatbots

    Almost every site you visit where they are selling a product or service, you will see a chatbot. These AI-powered chatbots are developed by startups looking to offer consumers and enterprises solutions for better customer service. Chatbots today are more advanced than ever before due to the use of…

    Google SEO Search Ranking

    The Power of Google SEO for Startups in Korea – Best Tips

    Startups in Korea tend to focus mainly on Naver SEO/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and not so much on Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is understandable since most are marketing to the Korean consumer who overwhelming use Naver. However, no one outside of Korea uses Naver. The majority…