Startups are using 3D technology in Korea in some amazing ways. These companies are looking towards 3D as the Metaverse slowly becomes a reality in Korea. The Korean government plans to invest roughly $177.1 million is among the country’s first in the emerging sector. The best way for startups to get in on the newest trend is to use 3D technology. Innovative 3D startups in Korea are creating immersive experiences using virtual technology like never before.

Some of the ways startups in Korea are using 3D technology include:

  • Using it to create virtual spaces for people to interact in
  • Modeling real-world objects and environments in 3D so that they can be viewed from any angle
  • Rendering images and videos in three dimensions
  • Creating three-dimensional models of people and animals

Startups in Korea are definitely on the cutting edge regarding 3D technology. It will be interesting to see how they continue to use it in new and innovative ways. Below are some innovative startups leveraging 3D technology in amazing ways.

3D Startups in Korea


VSLBVSLB is an artistic-driven 3D Creative Studio that designs and produces global visual campaigns with 3D rendering Technology. The 3D rendering market has grown at a rapid pace. The value of the 3D rendering market is expected to hit $6 billion by 2025. A lot of the growth is in 3D rendering marketing and the Metaverse. Immersive 3D digital experiences are not possible without the use of 3D rendering technology. The 3D rendering space has improved so much that the products look better than real photographs.

Whether you need a photorealistic high-resolution image, 3D display, 3D animation, or 3D architecture, 3D rendering companies VSLB can do it all. They have worked with major brands such as LG, CHANEL, and luxury fashion brands RALPH & RUSSO. VSLB has helped many brands with 3D advertising in digital marketing campaigns for years.


Korean Tech Startup UrbanbaseKorean 3D spatial data platform startup Urbanbase creates VR tools for interior planning and design. They have a patented algorithm that turns 2D floor plans into virtual spaces in less than a few seconds. Therefore they are able to provide a VR platform that allows users to see their potential homes. Not only that, in the VR space, users can also put in furniture, put up wallpaper, and even change floorings.

They have raised over $6 million in funding from influential venture capitals. In addition, they were able to get over 50 partnerships with furniture and home appliance companies. Therefore they have over 8,000 items available on their VR platform. They are also working with real estate companies to offer VR space tours for apartment buildings in Korea. Their plans for 2022 will be to expand out of Korea and into other Asian markets.

“We intend to grow into a core platform in the upcoming age of VR by perfectly recreating environments around the whole world,” said CEO of Urbanbase Jinu Ha.


VRISM 3D Startups in Korea

Vrism creates hyper-real “digital twin” fashion items using 3D scanning technology, and immersive XR content. They work closely with brands such as New Balance, FILA, and Adidas. They are quickly becoming the leaders in the Fashion Metaverse industry. Through their 3D scanning technology, they are able to offer fashion brands innovative fashion shopping experiences for their consumers. To date, Vrism has collaborated with over 50 fashion brands from all around the world.

Their platform not only offers interactive 3D viewing of products but these products can be seen from various angles. Since the products are scanned using 3D scanning technology, 360-degree digital data of the product is created from the automated 3D studio by Vrism. Once scanned it can be published on websites and social media channels.


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