Fitness startups in Korea have been revolutionizing the industry. Many are developing innovative new technologies and business models. They were getting a lot of attention from investors in Korea as these startups were making it easier and more affordable than ever for people to get in shape. They are changing how people in Korea work out, making it more convenient and affordable than ever before.

Top Fitness Startups in Korea

T.LAB Studio

Tlab Studio

T.LAB Studio is one of the few fitness startups in Korea focused on Golf training. They offer a revolutionary platform that provides personalized golf lessons to individuals with real data and allows them the option of tailoring each lesson based on individual needs. Think of it as having your own personal trainer 24/7. In addition, through the app, users can schedule lessons with golf trainers anytime, anywhere. Users can read reviews of trainers and keep track of their lessons through a digital journal.



SLEEK is a fitness startup in Korea that offers online and offline group workouts through its SLEEK Project. It offers offline group training as well as online coaching. There is also a community where users can share their fitness journey. Users get fitness and nutrition coaching through gamified programs. As users pass missions, they can level up. The exercise programs are designed to be entertaining and coached by trained professionals.


fitness startups in KoreaKangsters is a fitness startup in Korea that offers fitness solutions for wheelchair users. Their product is Wheely X, and wheelchair users can use it for their cardio workouts. It is a hardware treadmill product that locks wheelchairs in place, similar to a running machine. It also has an app that can track distance, pace, calories burned, and speed.

In addition, they also offer Wheelster Mini, a portable wheelchair-washing device.