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CBD in Korea

A Korean Startup Needs to Capitalize on CBD Oil in Korea

Korea became the first country in East Asia to legalize medical marijuana. CBD oil in Korea is big news considering the United States has seen a boom in the cannabis market in the past few years once cannabis was legalized. The CBD market in the states is expected to hit $20 billion by 2024. With…

Sustainability Startups in Korea

How Korean startups want to create a more sustainable future

Korea is a country that is committed to growing a sustainable environment. Former president Lee Myung Bak was the first to address the nation’s environmental development. "If we make up our minds before others and take action, we will be able to lead green growth and take the initiative in creating…


ArtnGuide Allows Anyone Invest in Artwork Through the Blockchain

Korean startup Yeolmae Company is the operator of an online platform called ArtnGuide. ArtnGuide lets users pool their money together to buy famous works of art in hopes of selling them at a higher price further down the line. The startup aims to bring fine art to the masses and give everyday…

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    ZEPETO is the largest Metaverse platform in all of Asia

    ZEPETO is the largest Metaverse platform in all of Asia. It was created by Naver Z Corp. the metaverse arm of Naver, South Korea’s top search engine. The metaverse platform has over 300 million users and averages 20 million monthly active users from all around the world. It does not compare to…

    Korean Cosmetics

    Korean Cosmetic Industry – Overview of the K-Beauty Market

    Due to the rise in demand for K-Beauty products in the United States and Asia, exports of cosmetics in Korea went up 16% in 2020 to $7.5 billion. The data was collected by the Korea Customs Service and the Korea Cosmetic Association. This means that South Korea is currently the 9th largest…