Air Premia is the world’s first official hybrid airline. Air Premia is South Korea’s newest airline and is getting a lot of buzz and attention in the aviation industry. The South Korean airline industry is already known for Korean Air and Asiana, but now there is a new player in the space called Air Premia. 

What is a Hybrid Airline? 

Air Premia is being called the world’s first hybrid airline. But what exactly is a hybrid airline? A hybrid airline is a combination of a traditional full-service carrier and a low-cost budget airline. Therefore they only use Boeing 787-9s and are looking to have 15 airplanes by 2027. 

Air Premia

Air PremaAir Premia only operates a few routes. They offer flights to Bangkok, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Newark, Honolulu, Frankfurt, Barcelona, New York, Ho Chi Minh City, and Dhaka. However, they are looking to continue to expand their services to other countries. 

There are 56 seats in a premium economy class and 282 seats in a standard economy class. The seats are set up in a 3-3-3 configuration. All seats come with an entertainment screen, however, the airliner only features Korean films. 

Revenue in 2022 was a little over $40 million. This puts Air Premia as South Korea’s 4th largest airliner. 

  1. Korean Air Lines $7.9 Billion
  2. Asiana Airlines $4.8 Billion
  3. Jeju Air $250 million
  4. Air Premia $40 million

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