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Innovative Natural Skincare Ingredients Used by Beauty Brands

The days of natural skincare being just about lemons and avocados are over. World-leading skincare researchers are constantly searching for the most innovative natural skincare ingredients packed full of actives. And now, there’s more choice than ever for highly effective vegan beauty products. 

Browsers in South Korea

Top 5 Desktop and Mobile Browsers Used in South Korea

To better understand consumers in South Korea, it is critical to understand the top browsers used in South Korea. Browsers are the portals to the web that are filled with rich features and extensions. They are like any software program so anyone can technically make a browser. However, the best…

iPhone samsung smartphone

Smartphone Use in Korea is Getting Out of Hand

Smartphone use is increasing everywhere in the world.  However, smartphone use in Korea is increasing at an alarming rate. South Korea ranks at the top for smartphone ownership at 95%. The other 5% have a mobile phone. Therefore in South Korea, smartphone or mobile phone ownership is at 100%.…

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    Car-sharing startups in Korea

    Discover the top Car-Sharing Startups in Korea Advancing Ride-Sharing

    Car-sharing startups in Korea continue to gain momentum as fuel prices continue to rise. As commuting in Korea becomes longer and more expensive, the ability to carpool without hassle helps commuters especially in Seoul save money as well as time. While the ride-sharing market is not as strong due…

    Freight service startups in Korea for Cargo Transportation

    One of the industries that are in desperate need of innovation is the logistics industry. Therefore, there have emerged numerous logistics startups in Korea looking to disrupt the business of moving and storing things by digitizing and automating as many industrial processes as possible. A lot of…