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VR English Education in Korea

The Future of English Education in Korea – Korean VR Hagwons

English education in Korea is a top priority for most Korean parents. Korea prioritizes learning the English language as there are tens of thousands of English Hagwons (Korean private learning centers) in South Korea. However, most of the English learning centers focus on memorization and not so…

Cashless Society in South Korea

Moving Towards a Cashless Society in South Korea

Somewhere in the not too distant future, you will no longer see the Korean won. It will become something strange your grandparents still hold on to and give you during the Korean holidays. The younger generation will not know what to do with it. During this time cold hard cash will disappear. What…

Drone Delivery in South Korea

The Future of Drone Delivery in South Korea

South Korea has been trying to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. Back in 2016, new regulations were drawn up to allow drones to be used for delivery, performance, and advertising. Some of these regulations included changing the weight limit drones can carry from 12kg to 25kg, as…

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    Adriel - AI Digital Advertising Platform

    Adriel – An AI Digital Advertising Platform that Helps Businesses Scale

    AI/SaaS startup Adriel has developed an AI digital advertising platform that helps startups and SMEs run multiple ad campaigns in one single platform. It is an automated marketing agency for small businesses and startups. Businesses can create and run ads in minutes. They do not need to worry about…

    Collaboration Tools in South Korea

    Best Collaboration Tools in South Korea – Changing the Work Culture

    Covid-19 is changing the world rapidly. People work from home because of social distancing, but still have to complete projects with their colleagues. Therefore, collaboration is essential. Korea has a collective work culture with principled rules and a rigid hierarchy. As an employee, one even has…

    Setting up a Business in Korea

    5 Step Guide to Setting up a Business in Korea as a Foreigner

    The question that I get asked the most from foreigners in Korea is about setting up a business in Korea. South Korea has become an excellent location for global entrepreneurs and investors looking to enter the Asian market. Seoul, in particular, has become a global hub for startups passionate about…