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Robotics Startups in Korea at the Forefront of Innovation

Will robots replace the human workforce? It seems inevitable as they are becoming increasingly prevalent in almost every industry. They can be found in manufacturing, education, and even healthcare. This is thanks to the advancement in engineering, science, and AI which have helped produce…

Korean SaaS Startups

SaaS Startups in Korea Offering Business Solutions for Retail

SaaS (Software as a Service) startups are on the rise as more and more customers use the web for their work. SaaS products and services allow users to access their account from any device to continue their work. What makes SaaS so popular is that users don't have to install software on each of…

Health and Wellness Startups in Korea

Innovative Health and Wellness Startups in Korea on the Rise

The health and wellness startups in Korea saw a boost post COVID. More and more people were looking to stay healthy both physically and mentally. In Korea, businesses such as gyms, pools, restaurants, clubs, and bars were closed for over a year. Koreans were finding it difficult to release their…

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    Voice recognition startups in Korea

    Voice AI startups in Korea developing Speech Recognition Technology

    The use of AI technology and machine learning continues to grow so does the amount of connected devices consumers and businesses can choose from. The core technology behind these connected devices is speech and voice recognition. It is estimated that the global voice recognition market will hit $30…

    Cold Chain

    Cold Chain Solutions in Korea – Temperature Controlled Logisics

    Cold chain solutions in Korea are on the rise as the demand for the storage, preservation, and transportation of cargo in cold temperatures is increasing. COVID-19 showed the importance of these solutions for medicinal products, as spoiled vaccines can lose their efficacy and have serious…

    Korean medical robotics startups

    Korean Medical Robotics Startups Impacting the Healthcare Sector

    There will be significant advancements in the way healthcare is delivered in Korea. Growing technological achievements in the healthcare industry have given birth to many innovations to help hospitals, doctors, and patients. These technological achievements are in new technologies such as AI, data…