The global digital video content market is rapidly growing due to consumer demand for online video content. Therefore, media and publishing companies worldwide are looking for more ways to put more video content in front of their audience. However, the problem is that videos simply take too much time to make videos and edit down into something watchable. This has led to the rise of TTV (Text to Video) service platforms like Wayne Hills AI. Wayne Hills AI is a SaaS AI software developed by Wayne Hills Ventures that automatically converts/produces text data into digital video content. 

Wayne Hills AI aims to make anyone in the world a video creator, from big publishers, video editing startups, and brands to YouTubers and other social media influencers. They use AI and apply a series of compilable cognitive technologies to extract knowledge from content. AI is used to simplify parts of the sorting, summarizing, and editing process. In addition, AI is used for image recognition, text keyphrase extraction, and text writing emotion analysis. 

Turn Texts into Videos with Wayne Hills AI

Wayne Hills AI

The process of turning texts into videos (TTV) is simple and easy with Wayne Hills AI. Clients simply need to copy and paste their text (PDF, TXT, etc.) into Wayne Hills AI’s system. The AI will analyze and summarize the text in 1 minute. Users can also upload their own images/videos or choose from their library of stock images. The encoding process takes place on the cloud, and once it is done, clients have the option to make additional edits and encode again. Once clients are happy with the video, they can pay to download an HD version.

Turn Speech to Video with Wayne Hills AI

Wayne Hills AI is currently testing its Speech to Video (STV) platform. When users input voice data, a voice recognition model will recognize the data and convert it into text. Then using the converted text data, the AI platform will create a video similar to the TTV process. 

This means that users do not need to know how to use video editing programs like Final Cut Pro. Anyone can make videos quickly and effortlessly. Their STV platform was awarded an Innovation Award for CES 2022.

Who can Benefit from Wayne Hills AI?

Wayne Hills AI

Wayne Hills Ventures has over 130 clients in South Korea. Many are Korean banks and insurance companies, which is surprising as they are not clients that first come to mind for video content creation. This shows that all businesses are looking to create video content for many purposes. Below are a few examples of who can benefit from the service.

  • News platforms to make breaking news videos quickly 
  • Marketers can turn customer testimonials and webinars into short, shareable videos
  • Publishers looking to create a large number of videos in a low-cost way
  • YouTubers looking to make daily video content 
  • Corporations looking to turn their business documents into video 

“Our aim is anyone can be a video creator as long as they can write,” said Product Owner at Wayne Hills Ventures, Jin Kim.


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