Almost every site you visit where they are selling a product or service, you will see a chatbot. These AI-powered chatbots are developed by startups looking to offer consumers and enterprises solutions for better customer service. Chatbots today are more advanced than ever due to the use of natural language processing to understand queries and respond like a humans. Startups in Korea are developing these AI-powered chatbots as they are in massive demand. Investment into the chatbot solutions sector has been growing in Korea and worldwide, with chatbot startups getting over $9 billion in funding.

Chatbots are AI software robotic systems used to automate specific tasks using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Therefore, chatbots are not only great for customer support. They are now also great at sales but can help with internal workflows. Even image recognition startups in Korea work with chatbots for better customer service. The ultimate aim for companies is to reduce costs while at the same time optimizing their external-facing business operations. AI-based chatbot systems are paving the way for the enhancement and optimization of business operations on a global scale. Many of these Korean AI startups truly have global expansion potential.

AI Chatbot Startups in Korea


conversational AI in Korea

Tunib is an AI startup in Korea that creates AI chatbots. The CEO was the founding member of Kakao Brain but left to start his own company. The startup started with just eight people but, due to their experience, raised close to $2.5 million from Naver D2SF and DSC Investment. Their core technology is the implementation of conversation modeling technology that can encompass all sub-modules. Therefore, they are developing high-level conversational modeling necessary to implement chatbots and all accessory technologies.

One of their chatbots is a travel chatbot called BLOONY. It can explain in detail a particular city or location. They also have another chatbot called Kokomas, which is a chatbot for dogs.


AI-powered Chatbots

SoftlyAI offers a chatbot for the Korean market. It is an AI-powered chat management bot for live streamers. It can get very hostile in many chat rooms, so SoftlyAI created their chatbot, STREAMADE to monitor chatrooms for harmful content and report abusive members. STREAMADE can not only filter malicious chats that interfere with the stream but also effectively analyze viewers’ reactions so that streamers can actively communicate with fans. If they continue their success in Korea, SoftlyAI plans to expand outside the Korean market and expand into new markets in the West.