Annotation AI - A general-purpose AI development platform

Annotation AI is an artificial intelligence big data company that has received a lot of attention from major Korean organizations. As a participant in the “K-Global Accelerator Program,” the company was able to showcase its latest product AnnoWiz to global investors and Korean partners. At the recommendation of N15 Partners who was also the operator of the “K-Global Program,” the startup got selected for the Tech Incubator Program for Startups (TIPS). Run by the Ministry of Startups and SMEs, TIPS supports promising startups and helps to connect them with private investment. With the support of the program, Annotation AI aims to secure a total of 500 million won in technology development funds over the next two years.

Furthermore, the startup was also awarded a T4-rating by the Tech Credit Bureau (TCB). TCB gives out ratings based on a company’s innovative advancement and credit status. Especially for investments, it is crucial for startups to receive a high rating from the institute as investors prefer companies within T4 grades.

Since its foundation in June 2020, Annotation AI has signed MOUs with Seongnam City and Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI). The startup supplied its semi-automated annotation tool to support the development of the city’s Big Data Center. Annotation AI is also working together with the National Information Society Agency (NIA) to provide more data on indoor lidar and AR/VRAI. 

Additionally, the startup has secured various references by cooperating with the KRRI (Korea Railroad Research Institute), local governments, institutions, and small and medium-sized business partners like Hyundai Motor. Annotation AI was also selected as the representative company of big data in 2020. 

About Annotation AI:

Annotation AI develops a general-purpose artificial intelligence development platform using DevOps. The startup aims to provide a platform to efficiently develop high-quality artificial intelligence learning data and models using artificial intelligence learning data in the future.



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