Videos are a vital part of all digital marketing campaigns. These days one can’t think of marketing or sales strategies without the use of rich media like videos. Marketing in South Korea relies heavily on video content whether it is on streaming platforms, websites, apps, and even games. Therefore the competition is fierce to grab the typical Korean consumer’s attention. In order to give companies a leg up some of the best video editing startups in Korea are using AI technology. AI video editing is the future of the video editing industry. Currently, there are many services or video makers that support AI video editing.

Video editing is used to structure all video information whether it be TV, film, commercials, etc. There are 3 key steps in the video editing process. These include planning, shooting, and editing. Machine learning and AI are becoming increasingly prevalent in this process. Below are some amazing video editing startups in Korea using artificial intelligence to make video creation a whole lot easier.

Best Video Editing Startups in Korea

Voyager X

Voyager XKorean AI startup Voyager X produces products such as video editing software (Vrew), and a scanning app called vFlat. Both these products are powered by AI technology. Vrew allows users to edit videos quickly and easily. Moreover, it can even analyze the audio from a video to automatically create subtitles while translating foreign languages. vFlat can automatically even out curved surfaces of documents and books that are being scanned. Combined the products have over 1 million monthly active users. In addition, Voyager X raised $26.4 million for their Series A round from VC firms SoftBank Ventures, Altos Ventures, and Yellowdog.

Vispot (Pion Corporation)

Video Editing Startups in Korea

Pion Corporation is a video AI startup that offers a service called Vispot. Vispot automatically operates all processes related to video advertising. This includes video editing to video marketing. It uses AI technology to produce various video films for fast-growing shopping mall operators, as well as, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Pion Corporation was the first partnership company with TikTok. They partnered to develop TikTok’s advertising agency platform and helped upgrade the advertising execution process. In addition, Pion Corporation participated in Facebook’s global startup support program.

Zala Company

Zala Corporation

Zala Company offers a quick and convenient way to cut and edit videos for streamers. Their cutting-edge video editor ZALA uses AI technology. It uses data such as audience reactions, game scenes, and even streamer reactions and offers recommended edits. Therefore, this allows editors to not only edit quickly but also offer their audience the best parts! Its AI video editing software can catch highlights in a game. It then analyzes the highlights from the game to offer editing recommendations. Furthermore, this form of automated editorial recommendations allows streamers to focus more on content than the editing process.