Accrete Innovation has partnered with Hanyang University to help startups enter the Southeast Asian market. Southeast Asia is a massive market. Even with the pandemic, the Southeast Asian market is estimated to grow at a rate of 5% every year. Countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam offer significant opportunities for innovative startups. There are more than 655 million people that live in the whole region with 6 countries making up over 95% of the overall GDP. Reports show that Southeast Asia’s digital economy may reach $300 billion by 2025. Each market offers its own set of challenges as well as opportunities.

Many startups in South Korea find it difficult to branch out from their local market and into the Southeast Asian market. However, there are programs offered by accelerators such as Accrete Innovation to help entrepreneurs and startups in Korea to succeed in the Southeast Asian market. Accrete Innovation is known for its flagship program called SEA Anchor which partners startups, investors, and corporates to co-build and launch sustainable, profitable, and highly scalable businesses across Southeast Asia and beyond. They recently collaborated with Hanyang University to run a Virtual Global Accelerator Program.

The Virtual Global Accelerator Program

The Virtual Global Accelerator Program is a month-long program that offers mentoring, business model development, business matching, and pitching to SEA investors. Startups a part of the program will all pitch together with other international startups from Taiwan and Singapore. Accrete is working with 2 startups in Korea through virtual mentoring. Seoulz is the official media partner of the Accrete SEA Anchor program and we are proud to showcase the 2 companies below. 

 “We are very happy to be collaborating with Hanyang University in organising the Global Startup Programme. In spite of travel restrictions, we are pleased that through our close collaboration, we are able to support Korea startups to gain better insights of Southeast Asia, and to interact with other International startups and investors to extend their network and connections.” Said Founder of Accrete Innovation, Edmas Neo.


More and more companies are looking to enter the Vietnamese market. Not only does Vietnam have a stable political system but also a strong workforce and strategic location. Therefore it is a great place for regional distribution in ASEAN as well as for global import and processing. Ko.ala helps companies set up their business in Vietnam. This includes helping with Visas when entering Vietnam. 

Ko.ala offers customized coaching, lectures, corporate management consulting, and 1:1 management coaching for CEOs and executives. They offer 20 years of global business experience such as securing partnerships, training employees, and business planning in Vietnam.

GEC (Gentle Energy Corp.)

GEC (Gentle Energy Corp.) focuses on IoT solutions to help generate reports and efficient management of factories. They offer smart factory solutions using smart sensors. These smart sensors allow factories to make faster decisions, reduce waste, and increase sustainability. Therefore, GEC is able to turn traditional factories into smart factories with zero downtime. In addition, the company offers real-time analysis for optimal production using artificial intelligence. The maintenance and report analysis is handled by Gentle Energy Corp based on a monthly subscription. Moreover, GEC offers a free 2-month trial for those that want to test out their solution before making a longer commitment. To date, they have partnered with over 10 factories in Korea and will look to expand into the global market.