A comprehensive gift set [Small Business Entrepreneur Growth program FESTIVAL] that supports small business entrepreneurs across the country and experience and enjoy the products and services of outstanding small business Entrepreneurs will be held in Gangnam, Seoul from December 6th (Tue.) to December 9th.

Small Business Entrepreneur Growth program FESTIVAL

Starting with [Small Business Entrepreneur Showcase Day] (Dec. 6th, SJ Kunsthalle, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu), which provides opportunities for attracting investment through customized support for innovative small business entrepreneurs across the country, various events such as [Small Business Concert] (Dec. 7th-9th, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu) where you can experience small business products and services, [Panel Talk] which is a talk concert that gives useful information to everyone who wants to start a business, and [Hackathon Final Vote] a new type of hackathon and consulting for the leap of small business entrepreneurs, [SoTY_Semas of The Year] which selects that best small business entrepreneurs in 2022 will be held.

The biggest goal of this small business week is to invite small business entrepreneurs who have struggled to overcome the COVID-19 and economic crisis to share their excellent business results in 2022 and provide them with beneficial information and good networking so that they can greet the year 2023 full of hope.

N15 Partners, which was in charge of planning and operating the 1st Small Business Entrepreneur Growth Program with the Small Enterprise And Market Service, has prepared a meaningful and informative event with these aspirations in mind. 

In the case of [Small Business Concert], not only flea markets and exhibitions of cool and hip products, but also know-how that small business entrepreneurs can maximize sales on-site by selecting excellent small business products by direct participation by visitors and inviting influencers and market expansion experts Consulting is in progress.


To solve the difficulties of small business entrepreneurs, Professor Kyung-il Kim (Ajou University_Mental Care), CEO Pil-Seong Lee (Sandbox_Impact Marketing), CEO Jae-won Lim (Go Pizza_Growth Story), and team leader Woo-Jung Kim (SSG_Market Pioneering Know-how) will deliver a positive message to small business entrepreneurs through these passionate lectures in [Small Talk]. 


[SoTY] is a pitching competition held in a three-round survival method by separately selecting only excellent participating companies among Strong Small Business Entrepreneur Growth Support Projects, New Business Establishment Academy, and public-private cooperation trainees in 2022. Using the unusual pitching method of SLUSH, a famous startup festival, about 20 teams actively appeal their products and services in a short time and advance to the next round with the choice of professional evaluators and participants. It would be able to expect a strong promotion effect through an impactful introduction in a short time.


Jea Huh, CEO of N15 Partners, hopes the ‘1st Small Business Entrepreneur Growth Program FESTIVAL’, is not only a place to introduce business items of small business owners, but also a place where founders and entrepreneurs from various fields and those who wish to start a business attend to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He also mentioned that he hoped it would develop into a festival for everyone that can become a driving force.