The $7 billion dating app industry built platforms that would eventually allow people to meet in person for dates. However, with more and more countries on lockdown, users continue to use these dating apps without having a way to meet. This is where Filter Off comes in. They are a video dating app that allows people to meet face-to-face through the app. It has gotten such positive feedback from users that many feel this will be the norm for most dating apps moving forward.

Filter Off has now launched in South Korea. South Korea is the perfect market for Filter Off because of its speed dating feature. This feature allows groups to come together digitally before they head off on individual dates. This fits right in with the Korean dating culture. If done right, virtual dating through Filter Off could take off in South Korea.

The Korean Dating Culture

sogaetingThe Korean dating scene can be broken down into three sections. There is “Sogaeting”, “Meeting”, and “Bungaeting”. Every Korean who has dated in Korea is familiar with these terms. To truly break into the Korean dating market, apps need to understand all three and why Koreans are attracted to dating in these ways.


Sogaeting is pretty much a kind of blind date but set up by a mutual friend. The two people might have seen a picture at most but are willing to meet based on a recommendation from a friend. Therefore going into the meeting, they have a familiar person they can refer to during the date. Usually, they are on their best behavior because neither wants the other to give negative feedback to the person who matched them up. Many women in Korea are afraid to meet someone they have never met. Therefore Sogaeting is very popular in Korea and has led to many long-term relationships in Korea.


A meeting is a form of group hangout. Usually, it involves a person bringing their set of friends to meet another group of friends. Therefore only two people know each other. They will be responsible for introducing their friends to the group. While there is a chance for romance in this setting, the meeting is set up to have fun. The two groups of friends will meet for drinks and probably a round of karaoke. This is the most fun, and many Koreans are eager to do a “Meeting.” There is less pressure, and you know you will be with your friends. This allows everyone to get to know each other in a friendly way, with the possibility of meeting again individually for a date.


This is the newest trend in Korea, and many young Koreans are using this style of dating in Korea. It is online dating through apps or chatting services. Therefore the context of the date will be discussed before the date. These are blind dates and rely heavily on their profile picture and chatting skills. Many dating apps in Korea focus on Bundaeting with the younger generation, who are more familiar with smartphones.

Filter Off – Video Dating App Launched in Korea

Filter OffVideo dating is the future of the online dating industry. Koreans have already shown a strong willingness to date through apps. Their main concerns have always been their fear of meeting strange people. Women in Korea have feared using dating apps because the guys on these apps tend to be creepy and aggressive. Even if they chat with a great guy, there is still a fear of meeting him because he is still a stranger. There have been many stories from women in Korea who have hidden across the street before their blind date to ensure he looked the same as his profile picture. Therefore a video feature could help lessen the fear for these women since they will be able to get to know their potential date face-to-face online.

Many Koreans are stuck at home and going online to meet people. A video dating feature will allow them to date without going out to busy areas like Gangnam or Hongdae. With Filter Off now launched in Korea, Koreans can see the full benefits of video dating.

How to use Filter Off

  1. Make an account on Filter Off.
  2. Users can browse virtual speed dating events (based on location, global events, or interest-based events)
  3. Users can RSVP to any of these events.
  4. Once they confirm their attendance (up to 5 minutes before the event), they are scheduled for 3-speed dates.
  5. They can see their date’s name and fun facts, but their photo will be blurred.
  6. Once the date begins, they can click “enter video date,” and they will have 90 seconds to chat over live video with their date.
  7. At the end of the date, they can click “I like them” or “Pass.”
  8. If both people select “I like them,” they are entered into a match where they can send in-app or video messages.

The app is free to use!

“Video speed dating provides singles the most authentic and efficient way to date. You no longer need to judge someone and spend hours swiping. You can see if you vibe with your date over a 90-second video chat. Filter Off’s goal is to bring singles an authentic way to connect romantically, ” said Zach Schleien, the Co-Founder of Filter Off.

Dating Apps in Korea

South Korea is a late adopter of dating apps; however, the popularity of dating apps has grown drastically over the past few years. The datng app industry in Korea is estimated to be valued at $100 million. In addition, close to 50% of the men in Korea, ranging from 18 to 39, have used a dating app.