The Klaytn Blockchain was developed by the Blockchain unit (Ground X) of Korea’s top messaging platform Kakao. Klaytn is a public Blockchain platform that was launched in 2019. They aim to drive mass adoption of Blockchain by offering high performance, fast response, and flexible scaling solutions. Its hybrid design combines the best features of public and private Blockchains. In addition, they are partnering with many businesses to use their Blockchain services. Furthermore, the platform allows real-world applications of a large scale to be produced immediately so that our end-users can make full use of services without much expertise in Blockchain or cryptocurrency.

Klaytn has a digital wallet called Klip which was embedded in KakaoTalk in 2020. Klip now supports KLAY-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto-collectibles. In addition, KakaoTalk already has over 50 million users and over 60 applications on its platform.

“We are committed to offering Blockchain services for a more mainstream audience, and together with the Council members, we have built an extensive and secure foundation for Blockchain services to flourish. We will continue to make progress toward our vision to be the first solution to bringing Blockchain experiences that flow seamlessly,” said Ground X CEO, Jason Han.

The Top 10 Klaytn Blockchain Applications

1. KLAYswap


KLAYswap is a decentralized autonomous protocol designed to raise the value of KSP while automatically distributing KSP yields. A complete on-chain instant swap protocol operates with an on-chain liquidity pool, where automated market-making (AMM) mechanisms guarantee liquidity. It is an on-chain swap service that allows anyone with any KLAY or KCT-type token cryptocurrency to become a liquidity provider and earn income from transaction fee commissions.

In KLAYswap, Ethereum-based tokens (ETH, ORC, DAI, WBTC) can be transferred to the Klaytn blockchain ecosystem via Orbit Bridge, a transparent IBC bridge built on Orbit Chain to offer yield farming with asset pairings previously unconnected in the decentralized world. The growth of KLAYswap and KSP occurs hand-in-hand in improving the ecosystem by providing benefits for its users.

2. KLEVA Protocol

Klaytn Blockchain

KLEVA Protocol is the 2nd biggest DeFi protocol by TVL in Klaytn blockchain. They specialize in leveraged yield farming services for users by taking advantage of the liquidity layers in Decentralized Exchanges and acting as an amplifier for these exchanges. By integrating with farms, we trigger an inflow of liquidity to both exchanges and our protocol, leading to a higher TVL for the ecosystem.

Furthermore, while maximizing the investor’s compensation, it supports lenders in earning steady interest income. The KLEVA protocol leverages the existing DeFi protocol to maximize revenue for all participants and opens the door to opportunities, accelerating the growth of the entire Klaytn DeFi ecosystem



“HABL” is a blockchain-based social media curation platform rewarding users through tokenization for community engagement. Anyone can easily integrate with existing social media accounts to curate content and generate revenue. The platform was built by Hiblocks.



SOMESING’s online Singing Contents Platform allows anyone to sing for free; users can receive rewards through the tokens accumulated in the song content by support and gift. Users can naturally combine blockchain with reality through the joy of SOMESING, even if they do not know exactly what a blockchain is. Moreover, through these changes, SOMESING intends to expand its user networks,  and implement an ecosystem to ensure that everyone involved in the content receives fair and transparent rewards.

5. ClaimSwap


ClaimSwap is a Klaytn DEX based on AMM(Automated Market Maker). KLAYswap, which already provides a similar service, has contributed to expanding the Klaytn Defi ecosystem. However, no other DEX had matured in the ecosystem, leaving users with limited options. The ClaimSwap team aims to provide a more user-friendly protocol. Just like the Uniswap-Sushiswap case, we look forward to boosting the overall ecosystem with the release of ClaimSwap.

The Global Klaytn Community Builder aims to build a leading global community representing the Klaytn ecosystem. We will strive to become a channel where all Klaytn blockchain users can communicate, regardless of the project they are involved in. Therefore, they believe the growth of the overall Klaytn blockchain ecosystem will eventually lead to the development of ClaimSwap. The Community Driven Platform led by DAO Community is the core engine propelling the growth of ClaimSwap. In ClaimSwap, the governance token CLA determines all decisions that shape the protocol’s future.



NEOPIN is a blockchain platform that connects and expands the ecosystem through various DeFi services such as staking, yield farming, swap, gaming, metaverse, service, and NFTs. They prioritize security on their platform and have implemented strict guidelines such as KYC identification and AML policies. Therefore, to enhance their competitiveness and optimize the user experience, they have also developed a NEOPIN Web service with an intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX.

7. Mir4 Global


MIR4 is a Free-to-Play Open World Fantasy MMORPG that can be played on PC and mobile devices. It features large-scale PvP within servers, intense battles in Castle Siege that will decide your Clan’s fate, wars initiated by invading other servers as a show of force, and massive Boss Raids that scale past servers. The game’s AI system provides a safe environment for transactions by preventing fraudulent transactions. In addition, MIR4 is the world’s most commercially successful blockchain-based game, with a peak of 1.4 million players.

8. Iskra


Iskra is a blockchain gaming hub that brings together gamers and game studios. Their platform allows gamers to explore and enjoy quality blockchain games and create their community. Interested users will have the opportunity to explore new game projects for the first time through our Launchpad. Moreover, users can also freely trade in-game tokens and other assets minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) outside the game.


PibblePibble is a social media Blockchain platform that rewards content creators. It aims to become the leading platform through its partnership with Klaytn Blockchain. Pibble compensates content creators and consumers for contributing to the platform. Users can upload cartoons, illustrations, graphics, and video stills. Furthermore, users not only get rewarded but also can gain experience points for leveling up. Ultimately, Pibble will aim to create a platform for posting, commerce, charity, crowdfunding, and every other social activity.

10. SPIN Protocol

Spin Protocol

SPIN Protocol provides a decentralized commerce ecosystem for influencers. Therefore, it creates a fair ecosystem that takes out the middleman. Their first Dapp, Womanstalk, has a market for influencers to curate content. They aim to empower social influencers with peer-to-peer commerce capabilities. SPIN Protocol aims to connect suppliers and influencers based on transaction data directly. As well as provide operational support such as payment, logistics, and customer service. They have been invested by Nexus One, BCI, Terra, and Foundation X.


Theta TV rewards users with TFuel when they watch their favorite e-sports streamers on their Android devices. In addition, for every match, the user will get a chance to win FREE skins, gaming gear, and open crates through their smartphone. They aim to fix the fundamental problems in today’s content delivery networks (CDNs). Therefore, they have devised their model for streaming, which centers on tokenized bandwidth sharing. THETA.Tv’s innovative method allows for higher user engagement and user retention. Viewers also get rewarded and earn as much as $15 monthly for viewing content on THETA.Tv.

Partnership with WPT

THETA.Tv partnered with WPT (World Poker Tour) to launch a 24/7 poker live channel on THETA.Tv. Users worldwide can now access classic WPT programs such as the World Poker Tour and Greatest Seasons. Furthermore, they will offer poker events and tournaments which users can see from their smartphones, web, or smart TVs. WPT will be THETA.Tv’s first major partner outside of the Esports industry. Therefore, this shows their willingness to expand their content portfolio.

NFTs for Content Creators launched NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for content creators to mint and shared with their fans. Therefore, streamers on can now create unique digital assets to share with viewers. This will help content creators monetize their streams.’s latest funding round involved Samsung NEXT, Uphonest Capital, Wei Fund, Igen Fusion Capital, and other private investors. To date, they have raised over $55 million in funding. They have already launched offices in Seoul, London, and Singapore. They hope to grow their partnerships in both Asia and Europe.



Antube is a mobile video community. It is also a short-video entertainment service powered by DTATA integrated with “Yomob,” a mobile ad monetization platform that serves ads to over 120 million monthly users. Antube shares its ecosystem value and profit back to users who contribute. Therefore, users are incentivized to create high-quality content and effective contributions within the community, sharing and viewing. While many social media Blockchain projects are out there, Klaytn aims to make Antube the app that breaks into the mass market. Therefore it will be vital for Antube to attract new content creators for the next generation.



Cloudbric is a Blockchain security company aiming to secure users’ and businesses’ entire blockchain experience. This includes protecting global exchanges and securing cryptocurrency assets. They are already working to provide web security services to numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and Blockchain projects. In addition, Cloudbric released Threat DB, a free threat intelligence database. In addition, it includes blacklisted, malicious IPs, known hacker wallet addresses, and phishing URLs.



Insureum is a Blockchain startup in Korea that utilizes the user’s data to provide on-demand insurance on the Blockchain. Therefore, they use Blockchain technology to create a decentralized ecosystem that connects insurers, policyholders, and 3rd parties. Moreover, Insureum migrated the legacy Insureum(ISR) code to the Baobab network. In addition, they are still working on developing procedures for the back-end, front-end, and contracts.


Cosmochain Klaytn Blockchain Application

Cosmochain is a Blockchain-based project that focuses on Beauty data. They systematically manage data incurred in the beauty industry. Their Dapp is called FitsMe. It is a beauty product recommendation and content curation service. Therefore, Cosmochain wants to become the top data provider for beauty brands and manufacturers worldwide. Furthermore, they have already formed a partnership with Ground X. In addition, they received funding from Kakao Investment.



Atlas aims to create a high-quality travel content platform. They reward content creators for their advice regarding their travel experiences. Furthermore, users can share their thoughts on hotels, restaurants, and more. Therefore, the platform connects all consumers and suppliers in the travel industry to a decentralized marketplace that incentivizes content creation, consent-based data sharing, and transactions.

Piction Network


Piction Network is a peer-to-peer digital content ecosystem. Therefore, they aim to disrupt the centralized models of content distribution. Currently, this process is dominated by intermediaries. Furthermore, they are actively recruiting content creators to prepare the ecosystem’s seed content. Therefore, these content creators can specialize in video, photos, illustrations, text, and webtoons. Korean webtoons are growing at a fast rate. Therefore Piction Network could be a great place to start for new content creators.