Founded in 2019, Korean Blockchain social media startup HiBlock’s founders felt Blockchain technology could provide a way to reward not only content creators but content curators. HiBlocks, or (HABL) is a next-generation, reward-based social media app/community that enables people from around the world to connect, getting rewarded for curating social media content.

Not Another Blockchain Project

Korean Blockchain Startup HiBlocks

Blockchain projects in Korea have taken a hit as many projects over the years have shut down. However, Hiblocks is one of the few Blockchain startups in Korea still suriving. The term cryptocurrency and Blockchain are slowly getting a bad reputation in Korea. However, Blockchain technology itself has the potential to truly impact the online content curation space. Social media users spend hours a day creating, sharing, and viewing content, but they don’t earn anything for it. HiBlocks rewards people for doing what they do anyway on social media. People curate content they like and share it with friends.

Information online can be overwhelming. Brands will need content curators to find the most relevant content. These content curators can grow a loyal following. The better the content creator, the more trust they will be able to build with their followers. With HiBlocks, users can earn digital tokens called HIBS by creating or curating content. The price of one HIBS is currently $0.000604.

Users will need to post a picture or share an existing picture on other social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

A Platform for Content Curators HiBlocks Social Media Content Curation Platform

Being a content creator is very difficult. Furthermore, major social media sites like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, etc, already have a core group of content creators that dominate the space. In addition, content creation takes a lot of time and effort, whereas the content curator’s time and effort will be focused on finding the right content. Everyone has a passion for something. HiBlocks allows them to showcase their ability to find the best content through their hybrid platform.

Most Blockchain platforms are confusing and difficult to use.  To bring the benefits of Blockchain technology to the masses, the platform itself needs to be easier to use. This is why HiBlocks has created a hybrid platform that has simplified the user experience.  HiBlocks will provide the tools to help interact with the Blockchain without having to understand the technical details. Content creators will need to focus on curating content. The platform will allow content curators to upload the best content from YouTube. For content creators who wish to join HiBlocks, once they upload their content on YouTube, it will be uploaded to HiBlocks.

HiBlocks Partners with Klaytn

HiBlocks has partnered with Klaytn, a global public blockchain developed by Ground X. Klaytn has 30 industry-leading global corporations that are participating in their platform’s governance and operation. HIBS tokens can be converted into KLAY tokens, and HiBlocks continues to add new cryptocurrency exchanges that support HIBS.