The growing digital landscape presents both new opportunities and new challenges for children. On the one hand, it gives them access to a wealth of technology that can enhance learning and creativity. However, navigating the digital world can be risky, as children are often exposed to inappropriate content or cyberbullying. As a result, we need tech products designed specifically for kids and a safe space where kids can explore technology without worrying about being exposed to potentially harmful materials. Innovative startup myFirst aims to help children adopt technology through fun and innovative gadgets. These gadgets are designed to be a gateway to a child’s learning process. 

The Importance of the Safe Use of Technology for Kids

Many parents today are concerned about the increasing role of technology in our society, and rightfully so. Parents are fearful of exposing their kids to technology that was designed for adults. However, as we live in a digital age, children need to be familiar with the digital world. Therefore, we need to encourage children to embrace technology from an early age. One effective solution is to equip them with special gadgets designed specifically for young users.

The devices created by myFirst can serve as great learning tools, giving kids an early introduction to the world of technology. For example, kids’ cameras and video recorders allow young photographers and videographers to experiment with different angles, lighting techniques, and editing tools. In addition, children’s watches can teach them how to tell time and introduce them to some basic programming concepts through interactive games or stories. Sketch Books offer children a way to store their memorable works in a digital form. By fostering a love of technology at a young age, we can help ensure that our children stay engaged, curious, and open-minded throughout their lives.

The importance of Safe Data

myFirst Safe Data

All devices created by myFirst allow parents full access to their data. Through the myFirst dashboard, parents can track their children’s digital activity, their friends, and the activities they enjoy. Parents will better understand their children’s interests and favorite subjects with more data. In addition, the data collected will also give insights into what types of thinking their children are good at.

myFirst in Korea

To date, myFirst has over 200,000 users and continues to see 5,000+ user growth per month. They have seen successful growth in South Korea and can be found on many Korean e-commerce sites like Coupang, Jaranda, Naver Shopping, and Musinsa. In addition, their products can be found in Korean retail channels such as Kyobo (Hottracks), FANFAN Duty Free, and Emart.

They also collaborated with Jejememe, a platform that makes it easy to organize children’s photos and share them. This will allow myFirst to get an early lead into Korea’s 0-2-year-old space as 35% of parents are on Jejememe. This will help myFirst grow its brand awareness in Korea from birth.

Top Gadgets by myFirst 

myFirst Fone R1s

myfirstWith the myFirst Fone R1s, kids can now communicate with their friends without using their parent’s phones. In addition, kids can use the smartwatch to monitor their heart rate, achieve their daily steps, and listen to music (1,500 songs). The watch’s face is customizable, and the watch itself is water resistant. Other features include: 

  • 4G Voice Data
  • Video Call
  • Messaging 
  • Real-time GPS Tracking 
  • Personalized reminders
  • Multiple preset texts for chat 
  • One-Touch SOS

Insta 2

insta2An HD Digicam that offers instant printing with multiple templates. In addition, it uses thermal printing, so there is no need to wait for the picture to dry. The printing process only takes 10 seconds. Each roll of thermal paper is capable of printing up to 60 sheets. myFirst is giving away two rolls of thermal paper and one thermal sticker roll (36 sheets) when you purchase the Insta 2.

Digital Sketch Book

myFirstKids can draw, take notes, doodle, erase, and digitally save their work. There is a built-in memory to save all the work. The Sketch Book can be paired with their Sketch Book app, allowing kids to adjust the font thickness, pens, tip size, and color for maximum creativity. The Digital Sketch Book allows kids to draw without using a single piece of paper. A single charge can last up to 2 weeks. Moreover, it comes with a free leather case!

Stay Connected with myFirst Circle

myFirst Social Circle

Along with the gadgets created by myFirst, there is also a safe social network for kids called myFirst Social Circle. Kids can stay connected digitally with parents, siblings, and friends through voice or video calls or messages. They can listen to music, consume suitable content, and interact with each other. Children will be exposed to suitable content and be able to share their real-world experiences in a safe environment. Therefore, the platform provides a safe and supportive space where kids can connect, share content, and stay entertained.