Technology startups worldwide seek to bring innovative learning solutions for children in the digital space. One of these startups is Sam Corporation, a new media education company that developed “We Creator”, a storytelling educational program that creates stories through image cards and generates revenue with people around the world. Sam Corporation is less than 4 years old but has been tapping into the growing need for kid-friendly technology. They were nominated for Microsoft’s Majung Program (KISED), participated in the Digital Content Test Prove Management Support Project (NIPA), and were selected for the KIC Silicon Valley Express Challenge. There is great potential ahead for Sam Corporation as schools and institutions look to address the need to promote creative content creation online. 

We Creator by Sam Corporation

We CreatorWe Creator, is a self-directed learning method that allows students to ask themselves questions and find answers. These self-directed learning styles start with the creation of their own stories. This can be done in 5 simple steps through a storyboarding platform called Story Creator. Therefore, think of We Creator as an online collaboration platform. It allows kids to create content by making it easy to create ideas, plans, and storyboards. Therefore, it is more than just educational content. It is a media-centric education program that helps children create personal fictional stories with images and pictures and share them online. Not only can the children use images on We Creator, but they can also upload their images for a more personal story. There are over 400,000 songs to incorporate into their story. In addition, users can use an AI voice or record their voice in their stories. 

Storyboarding Platform that Brings Ideas to Life 

We CreatorStory Creator is a smart storyboarding platform that brings ideas to life. It is free to use and makes the storyboarding process very easy. Once users select the story mode, Story Creator will act as a guide to create your story. It will prompt by asking questions about the story. Questions include…when does the story begin, the place, the characters, and what is the story about? The story can be broken down into scenes with pictures for a richer reading experience.

Sam CorporationThe app can easily convert these stories to be shared online through social media channels. Best of all, it is free to download, so why not test it yourself? Go to Story Creator here

Sam Corporation is constantly looking to innovate by using the latest technology to help strengthen its service. They will look to incorporate Blockchain technology to offer transparency and IP rights. Sam Corporation aims to create a platform where people can create and share freely while enjoying each other’s content. They want to create an environment and community where creative children can meet other creative children worldwide.