On the 30th of January, MINDs Lab and N15 Partners successfully co-hosted Maumton. The event was held at the office of N15 Partners, located on the fifth floor of the Seoul Square building.

The Maumton competition challenged participants to create innovative ideas using the Maum Orchestra AI system. Maum Orchestra is a cutting-edge AI system module that enables users to easily create artificial intelligence services by arranging API modules through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

The competition was open to 20 college students with unique and creative ideas. Prior to the event, the participants completed an education course on Maum AI and the Maum Orchestra system, led by MINDs Lab CEO Yoo Tae Joon. During the competition, participants developed and applied their ideas using the actual AI system and evaluated the potential business feasibility. In the final session of the event, the participants also collaborated to design strategies to vitalize the Maum Orchestra ecosystem. Overall, the competition was a great success in fostering new and cutting-edge ideas for the future of AI and the Maum Orchestra system.

The competition offered participants a unique opportunity to bring their innovative ideas to life, as MINDs Lab provided internships for those who presented exceptional concepts, allowing them to materialize their ideas using MINDs Lab’s advanced AI program.


Furthermore, the winners of Maumton won up to 2 million won as a scholarship.

Awarded ideas:

  • First Place (2 million won as scholarship): Total solution for AI speech
  • Second Place (1 million won as scholarship): Education tech solution for teenagers that helps to review the course with an AI tutor 
  • Third Place (half a million won as scholarship): AI service providing drug information

The success of the inaugural Maumton event has led to plans to host it on a monthly basis. This will provide a continued opportunity for individuals to share and develop innovative ideas utilizing the Maum Orchestra AI system. ”

In conclusion, MINDs Lab and N15 Partners are thrilled with the outcome of the first Maumton event and looking forward to the next one as they continue to support and encourage the new and innovative ideas of the youth in AI field, through the maum Orchestra AI system and other various educational program, to foster the development of technology that will benefit society.