Many Korean pet startups have sprung up fast in the past few years. With the rise of intelligent devices and other IoT technologies, there are many possibilities to revolutionize the pet industry in Korea. In addition, these Korean pet startups have the potential to go global because the pet market is growing worldwide. Therefore Korean VC firms have been very active in expanding their investments in pet startups and manufacturers of products related to the pet technology industry. If a particular pet product or service is successful in Seoul, it is highly likely to succeed in other metropolitan areas. 

Pet-focused products are now combined with tech to offer innovative solutions to pet owners. During COVID-19, more cats and dogs have been adopted from shelters in Korea than ever before. Korean millennials are now making up a significant group of pet owners. Many are choosing to raise pets instead of having a baby. This young generation welcomes tech products for pets, unlike the older generation, in the era of direct-to-consumer brands, pet startups in Korea making products find themselves in the perfect position to compete with traditional pet brands in Korea that do not have an online presence targeting millennials. Check out some of the best Korean pet startups creating Innovative products.

The Best Products by Korean Pet Startups


VARRAM korean pet startupKorean pet startup VARRAM created the next generation of smart toys for your pets called VARRAM Pet Fitness. They make robotic toys with AI technology to entertain your pets when you are away from home. VARRAM consulted with vets and dog trainers to create and design the best pet toy for your pet’s health and mental care. Pet owners can schedule playtimes and treat tossing times to their desire. The toy has an automatic drive and can move in various motions and make sounds to engage with your pet. It is the perfect toy for dogs as it moves in different patterns that are difficult to predict. Therefore your pets can play with VARRAM for a long time without getting bored.

Download their app to monitor your pet’s activity and see how often it engages with VARRAM Pet Fitness. In addition, pet owners can use the manual function through their app to move the VARRAM using a virtual joystick. The battery can last for 24 hours. The device is very durable and safe for your pets. The price is under $100 and comes with a 1-year warranty. VARRAM will come out with new innovative toys for your pets in 2022, so stay tuned. For now, check out how VARRAM works below!


DoggyStatPet startup DoggyStat has finally entered the Korean market. DoggyStat is an easy-to-use, all-natural food supplement that helps your dog rapidly return to normal intestinal function and maintain a healthy gut environment. Koreans no longer have to deal with pet bills that can come up as much as $1,000 due to diarrhea-related issues. One $10 packet of DoggyStat offers rapid canine diarrhea relief within 24 hours; best of all, it has all-natural ingredients like eggs and milk. Pet owners simply mix the DoggyStat powder with wet or dry food for their dogs. Dogs love the taste, and it rapidly helps restore normal gut functions so dogs can maintain a healthy gut environment.

DoggyStat has partnered with Korean AI startup DIGIRAY to introduce DoggyStat to the Korean market. They will showcase DoggyStat at the next K-Pet Fair, Korea’s biggest pet industry show. The creator of DoggStat is Anubis Bio, an animal health company that uses complementary-food-proteins (CFP) within eggs and milk to strengthen natural defenses to rapidly resolve abnormal gut function and maintain a healthy gut environment.