As South Korea continues to develop, there has been a rise in Korean proptech startups focusing on the construction industry. There is significant potential for greater adoption of technology to enhance productivity in the construction industry in Korea. Therefore, many Korean proptech startups are positioned to address industry gaps and tackle the latest trends. As real estate prices in South Korea continue to skyrocket, the demand for innovative solutions from startups in the space grows. Below are some top Korean protech startups focusing on the construction industry.

Korean Protech Startups in Construction



ViewMagine provides services to construction companies via their construction quality management solution that uses AI Vision technology and autonomous flying drones. It is called VODA, and it can use a drone to directly photograph and analyze high-rise buildings and dangerous areas that are hard to inspect by a person. The drone can detect even .3mm cracks and fly without human control. Therefore, it offers fast and accurate inspections for construction companies.


Korean Proptech Startups

Cupix uses Digital Twin technology to create a 3D space by using a few 360-degree pictures. They create VR experiences primarily for builders. Builders can simply capture their job site in 3D using the mobile app while controlling a 360 camera. They can then collaborate by sharing a variety of information related to the building site all through a single platform.  It is currently being used for pre-construction, during-construction, and post-construction.

In addition, builders can remotely monitor conditions at their project site by comparing multiple Cupix 3D Digital Twins across different dates. Their solution has been recognized by construction and business thought leaders as innovators in the industry.