Koreans are shopping online more than ever due to great eCommerce sites like Coupang. Therefore, many might think pet e-commerce startups in Korea would be struggling. However, that is not the case in South Korea. Koreans love their pets and see them as part of their family. To keep them happy and healthy, they need supplies. These supplies might include food, toys, leashes, carriers, shampoo, etc. Coupang’s pet category section will not be able to cover all the needs of a typical Korean pet owner. Therefore, the pet supplies industry in Korea is growing, and e-Commerce websites for pets seem like a natural fit in Korea.

The pet industry in Korea is a very lucrative opportunity for online brands. While there is intense competition, word of mouth is critical in Korea, and once a product takes off, pet owners will search tirelessly online to find it. Below are some innovative pet e-commerce startups in Korea disrupting the pet supplies industry for the good.

Pet E-Commerce Startups in Korea

Pet Friends 

Pet FriendsKorean pet startup Pet Friends offers one-hour delivery for pet products from noon to midnight in Seoul. It is accessible regardless of the purchase. This is great for those busy with workers who don’t have the time to go out and get the pet supplies they need. Users can designate the delivery time of their choice. So the next time you need extra pee pads for your dogs or more cat litter for your cats, Pet Friends offers this quick delivery service in Korea. Their re-purchase rate is at 80%. The pet startup has raised over $16 million in funding. 


BaconKorean pet startup Bacon offers a wide selection of dog snacks, toys, and supplies. It is a subscription-based service. Every month pet owners will get something new for their dogs. The boxes can be customized as well. If the user does not want to do a subscription service, they can buy the toys and snacks separately from their site. So far, over 30,000 dogs are enjoying the dog snacks provided by Bacon. Think of Bacon as the MEMEBOX for pets. 


BiteMeBITEME is the operator of an e-commerce platform that provides food, toys, carriers, hygiene products, and clothing for pets. They offer discounts on these products, sometimes up to 75%. While BITE ME sells various products, its primary revenue comes from pet clothing offerings. They offer new designs every week for dogs and even cats.



Breezytail is a pet e-commerce startup in Korea that focuses on pet health. They offer a variety of pet healthcare solutions such as oral care, hair care, bath products, and more. They have a dog section as well as a cat section. All their pet products focus on giving pets a healthy solution to their problems.