🔶 Event: KB Kookmin Card FUTURE9 2022 DEMODAY

🔶 Date and Time: 2022.12.05(Mon) 14:30~17:00

🔶 Venue:  Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul Crystal Ballroom (online transmission at the same time)

🔶 Participants: 12 start-ups including Lemontree, Wello, OasisBusiness and Starkoff

🔶 Purpose: sharing the main collaboration references of start-ups selected in the 

「FUTURE9 6th generation」

🔶 Host: KB Kookmin Card / N15 Partners


What is FUTURE9? An open innovation program hosted by KB Kookmin Card where tech startups that has potential are discovered and get support within collaboration with companies, strategic investment attraction, and scale-up.

In last July, as a part of the program “FUTURE9 6th generation”, a month-long screening was conducted for the startups that either have innovative technology or service capabilities in lifestyle, fintech, AI·data·software, mobility, social value, entertainment, blockchain or healthcare·wellness sectors.

A total of 743 startups applied for the program this year, which is a 5.8% increase in the number compared to that of last year. Hands-on staffs of KB Kookmin Card and judges from venture capitals participated in the start-up selection process, including document screening and interviews. As a result, the startups that are highly competent in terms of marketability, business feasibility, competitiveness, and collaboration were sorted out.

Selected start-ups and respective business items are as follows. ▲Lemontree (educational contents based edu fintech service) ▲Wello (policy and public service curation platform) ▲Oasis Business (data based commercial real estate valuation solution) ▲Starkoff (electric vehicle charging socket infrastructure) ▲Dr. Noah (eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush and oral care products) ▲GreenJacket (fintech based golf platform) ▲WeHuddling (subscription service for salad and healthy lunch) ▲BabyGo (kids activity platform) ▲MalangHoney (baby products lifestyle commerce) ▲MyNormalCompany (low-sugar food products commerce / diet community) ▲WokersHigh (city and region customized microstore) ▲i-Aurora (K-culture prepaid card service)

The startups participated in the intensive workshop with N15 Partners, which is the managing department and co-operator of FUTURE9. Accordingly, additional ideas were discovered, and specificn collaboration plans were discussed in addition to what the startups suggested in advance to the workshop. FUTURE9 2022 Demo Day was a great opportunity to share the meaningful results of the workshop. FUTURE9 2022 Demo Day will be held under three tracks: New Growth, ESG, and Value-up. The Demo Day will demonstrate the process and accomplishments of collaboration between KB Kookmin Card and startups corresponding to each track. The event is available online by following the link below. Please pay a lot of attention to FUTURE9 2022 Demo Day!