15 startups are scheduled to present PoC performance presentations, guest speaker lectures,
global expansion achievements and strategies


‘Startup Autobahn Korea Expo Day 2022’ organized by Mercedes-Benz Korea and run by N15 Partners, will be held at LAYER57 which is a complex cultural space located in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, on November 29th! ‘Startup Autobahn’ was launched in 2016 by Mercedes-Benz Group AG in Germany to create innovation and build a startup ecosystem through PoC collaboration between large companies and startups and is currently Europe’s largest global open innovation platform.

Startup Autobahn Korea

Starting in 2019, ‘Startup Autobahn Korea’ is making various achievements by continuously trying to expand the domestic startup ecosystem abroad. In particular, a total of 15 outstanding domestic and global startups are doing PoC collaboration with large companies such as Mercedes-Benz Korea, SK telecom, Hanwha Systems, and LG Electronics in the 2022 project. In addition, the Ministry of SMEs (MSS), Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED), the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), DL E&C, Rayno Korea, and Pablo Air participate as partners to support collaboration between startups and companies. 

Expo Day

This ‘Expo Day 2022’ event will share business results of this year and PoC results between 15 startups and large companies, as well as celebrity lectures and various events. Particularly, this year’s business will be presented as a festival-type event where you can experience various future technologies and enjoy various events together, as a total of nine startup fields not only MOBILITY but also SUSTAINABILITY, 5G, AI, METAVERSE, and GAME CHANGER participated.

Startup Autobahn Korea offers collaboration activities among domestic companies as well as opportunities for collaboration with global companies. In the 2022 project, global PoC with local startups in the U.S. is underway, and IR pitching and networking with local partners will be conducted by participating in the global Deep Dive forum in Germany on November 16th-17th. As such, it is a representative global open innovation platform that provides opportunities for global collaboration and expansion, and through the Try Everything event held in September, we have already shared insights on global expansion cases and strategies between large companies and startups through Startup Autobahn Korea.

After the end of the program, participating startups will be provided with networking and separate promotional opportunities with VCs, and excellent startups will be provided with opportunities to present networking and technology with local partners in Startup Autobahn Germany. In addition, participating corporate partners will be provided with opportunities to discover new businesses and expand their products and services through excellent domestic and foreign start-up deal sourcing. In contrast, N15 Partners will play a role in enhancing the business and social value of companies through co-living and development with startups.


We ask for your attention and participation in the ‘Expo Day 2022’ event of startup Autobahn Korea, which is building an ecosystem between startups and large companies, and inquiries about the program and Expo Day can be made through the website below!