J2C is an innovative startup that looks to bring a hyper-secure security system using an iris identification solution. The company’s founder Youjung Kim is a tech engineer with over 20 years of experience in optical path engineering and worked with a company for 5 years supplying Iris recognition devices to LG before starting J2C in 2015. Iris recognition offers a contact-free solution that is safe, affordable, efficient, and even more accurate (greater than 99% accuracy). J2C’s product uses a customized camera module specifically designed for iris recognition that is also compact in design. 

Why Iris Recognition?

Their product is called ALKAID, and it uses a front-facing camera that captures and stores an individual’s iris. Using the iris for identification is more secure than using one’s voice, face, and fingerprint. For example, fingerprints offer 40 unique points of identification, while facial recognition offers 80 unique points of identification. Iris scanning offers 258 points of identification even if a person is wearing contact lenses or glasses. This means that the chance of a false match will only happen in 1 in 50 billion cases. Voice recognition is the most unreliable as outside noise can interfere with the identification process. 

ALKAID by J2C – How does it work? 

The J2C Iris identification system enrolls the iris image into the system and adds the user’s information. Now that the user’s iris image and information are in the system, users can verify their ID by simply placing one of their eyes near the camera. The verification process takes less than a second. There is no need to touch the device or remove your mask because the iris recognition technology can detect the iris as far as 35 centimeters away.

J2C was named one of the K-Global 300 Companies by the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning in 2017 and is one of the top IoT startups in Korea. The startup is looking to target customers that need a quick, positive ID that can be incorporated into their system smoothly. Their iris identification system can be applied for national citizen IDs, schools, and even personal phones. Currently, the company is targeting businesses that need to offer building access while also maintaining a high level of security. Their goal is to develop a full range of iris recognition solutions that deliver fast, affordable, and reliable results.