Driving a Mercedes-Benz in Korea is seen as one having a high standard of living. The luxury car brand is so popular in Korea that it accounts for over 28% of all imported cars sold in Korea. This makes put them at the top position in the imported vehicle market in Korea, a position they have had to 5 years in a row. BMW comes in second at a little over 24%. The best-selling model in Korea is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan which outperformed BMW’s 5 Series. This is why Mercedes-Benz is planning to increase its investment in South Korea. In 2021, they will launch 9 new models, including 2 electric vehicles, new C-Class, CLS, G-Class, and new S-Class models. 

Mercedes-Benz in Korea to Launch 2 EVs in 2021 

Mercedes-Benz Korea will be rolling out 2 EVs in 2021. The first will be the EQA and the second will be the EQS. They have already begun setting up the infrastructure for these EVs by building charging products and stations specialized for the EQ series. As the EV market grows in South Korea, Mercedes-Benz will look to position itself to gain a significant share in the market. However, Mercedes-Benz does not qualify for government EV subsidies in Korea because the subsidies are banned for expensive all-electric cars prived over $81,000. 

“We will continue to drive innovation as the global automotive industry is going through an era of transformation and prepares itself for a future of sustainable mobility to open the era of sustainable future mobility,” said Thomas Klein, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz Korea. 

The two main launches for 2021 also include the brand’s first SUV, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, and its top-class sedan, Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will be celebrating its 100-year anniversary. They held a premiere event in Korea at the Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation. It has a retail price of $229,300. 

Mercedes-Benz Kokrea Opens AMG Seoul

Mercedes-Benz in Korea

Mercedes-Benz Korea opened the AMG Seoul brand center in Seoul in 2021. The aim is to increase brand awareness and grow their fan base in Korea. AMG is Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance sub-brand. There are now 6 AMG brand centers across the world with Korea being one of them. Customers will be able to experience everything about AMG at the location which will be operated by Han Sung Motor (Mercedes-Benz’s official dealer). AMG Seoul will have a showroom, service center, exhibition area, and the AMG game zone. The 4 story building can hold up to 8 models. Therefore, customers will be able to see a diverse range in person and for test drives. 

Mercedes Me App

Mercedes-Benz will launch its Mercedes Me app in Korea in 2021. It will provide loyalty benefits to customers by partnering with more than 50 partners. These partners include car washes, chauffeur companies, and golf courses. 

Future plans for Mercedes-Benz Korea in 2021 will be to launch an online sales platform. This will allow customers to easily purchase cars online. 

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