EnF Advisor was launched in 2017 as a professional consulting organization that offers investment strategies and related education to institutional investors. They specialize in providing asset management strategy consulting for pension funds. In Korea, employees that are in the private and public sectors are required by law to pay into the national pension fund. The national pension fund in Korea was created to ensure that after an employee in Korea retires, they receive monthly benefits from the fund based on a percentage of their average salary during employment.

Both employers and employees contribute to the pension fund in Korea. However, general employees that work in Institutions do not have access to their pension fund information. The reason for this is that government employees in Korea move from one department to another every 6 months to a year. Therefore, it is difficult for them to educate themselves on their finances. EnF Advisor has created a cloud-based SAAS system called BLUE. Through BLUE it is easier than ever to make reports on financial management. 

Cloud-based SAAS System – BLUE

Every government organization and institution in Korea is looking to become more digital. Being digital not only saves time but also has many advantages. A cloud-based SAAS system can also help businesses streamline their processes, increase efficiency, improve productivity, and save a lot of money. Thanks to EnF Advisors, employees in Korea can use the cloud-based SAAS system (BLUE) for portfolio performance evaluation, asset allocation, PCA analysis, fixed income, currency strategies, and ALM. Employees simply upload their data on the BLUE system. They then select their risk tolerance and asset allocation. They do not need to be fully educated or knowledgeable about finance to use the system. 

Why Use BLUE?

Since BLUE is a cloud-based SAAS System, they don’t have to be physically installed on an employee’s computer. The use of cloud computing gives users/companies many benefits. For example, there is no need to buy and maintain expensive hardware. Instead, you only pay for what you use. There is almost no risk of data loss. The reason is that the cloud-based SAAS system runs on a network of servers located around the world. Therefore, even if one server goes down, the system will remain online. Furthermore, cloud service providers offer the highest level of security. This ensures that the data is stored in a safe place. 

EnF Advisor offers both consulting as well as their SAAS service going forward. They target mainly government organizations and institutions. Their main focus is to provide asset management strategy consulting for pension funds. Government organizations and institutions got a 6-month trial service to test out the SAAS system. While their target customers are mainly Koreans, EnF Advisor plans to move into the Southeast Asian market in the future to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. 


Asset Management Seminars by EnF Advisors

EnF AdvisorsEnF Advisor offers free public seminars. These seminars are focused on the management of pension funds, public institutions, and mutual aid associations at their head office. Through these seminars, EnF Advisors educate institutions on various performance evaluation methodologies and how to write performance evaluation reports. They offer training courses for the asset management process and current status in Korea. Many of their free public seminars take place at Universities and security companies in Korea. 

Thanks to SAAS systems like BLUE, employees in Korea can easily take control of their finances. This is great news for young adults in Korea who are finding it more and more difficult to increase their wealth. Since most Koreans are tech-savvy, SAAS systems like BLUE are a great way for them to study, research, and invest online. Companies, institutions, and organizations in Korea that want to see their employees get the most out of their savings/investments should consider working with EnF Advisors and onboarding their cloud-based SAAS system BLUE. 



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