Content creators are becoming a bigger part of the digital world, and creator economy startups in Korea are rising. Creators use the internet to share content with others and make money online. Blockchain technology can be used in the creator economy to track transactions between sellers and buyers on a distributed ledger. This ledge can not be manipulated or changed. Therefore, this technology can help content creators better protect their intellectual property. There are many Blockchain-based platforms in Korea for content creators as Korea is becoming more and more fascinated with content creation. In addition, there is a reason why most of the users on Steamit, a Blockchain-based social media and blogging website, are Korean.

These Blockchain-based platforms in Korea can help content creators by giving them the means to be paid for their work. It is very well known that most social media networks keep a disproportionate amount of revenue which would not exist if it wasn’t for content creators. Therefore, these platforms are a way for content creators to take back control of their content, and Blockchain technology plays a key role in it.

Below are some of the top Blockchain-based platforms in Korea for content creators.

Blockchain-based Platforms in Korea for Content Creators


Korean Blockchain Startup Storichain

Korean Blockchain startup Storichain provides narrative content by verified content creators and influencers. Content creators can collaborate with other creators to produce content on Storichain. In addition, Storichain keeps track of who contributed to the platform and how the ownership was transferred. Therefore Storichain is also a digital story asset management system. The platform makes writing fast and simple and can be translated, sold, or even protected by copyright for global expansion. In addition, the platform offers a growth graph that indicates the value of story intellectual property assets for each party(storytellers, crypto investors, readers). If a story IP changes into a movie, investors of early stories will be able to exit.

Futurepia (SigmaChain)

Korean Blockchain Startup Futurepia

Korean Blockchain startup Futurepia is an open-source, public Blockchain platform that launched a social media reward-sharing DApp called SNAC, which has a DAU of 10,000+ in over 40 countries and is available to download for Android & iOS, as well as their web version. Furthermore, Futurepia offers various user-friendly developer solutions thanks to its PASTA protocol.

The PASTA protocol removes all pain points that users experience with other Blockchain applications. It uses its Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. The feature allows users to have just 1 ID & Password for various DApps on the Futurepia Blockchain.

Therefore, they aim to bring Blockchain technology to everyday life.

“All the Korean platforms so far have failed to achieve global success. There are a lot of barriers for Korean companies to become global players, but I think Blockchain helps us overcome those barriers,” said CEO of SigmaChain, Kwak Jin Young.


Platform in Korea for content creators

HiBlocks is a Blockchain-based social media curation platform that rewards users for curating content they like on social media and sharing it on the HiBlocks app. Users can earn digital tokens called HIBS by creating or curating content. Moreover, users just need to post a picture or share an existing one on other social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube. The app provides the tools to help interact with the Blockchain without understanding the technical details. Furthermore, HiBlocks has partnered with Klaytn, a global public blockchain developed by Ground X. Klaytn has 30 industry-leading global corporations participating in their platform’s governance and operation. Therefore, HIBS tokens can be converted into KLAY tokens, and HiBlocks continues to add new cryptocurrency exchanges that support HIBS.