Robotics is one of the top trending technologies in South Korea for several reasons. Firstly, robotics offers a versatile technology solution that can be adapted to solve various problems. Secondly, robotics is becoming increasingly affordable and accessible as the cost of hardware and software decreases. There are many Korean robotics startups developing robotics solutions. This article will focus on some of the solutions that offer a unique opportunity to create value by automating tasks that are currently manual or error-prone. The robotics solution industry provides a glimpse into the future of technology, where machines will increasingly take on more complex tasks. Robotic startups in Korea creating robotics solutions are at the forefront of this trend, and we cover them in a separate article.

Korean Robotics Startups Developing Robotics Solutions


Robotics Startups in Korea

Korean robotics startup CMES offers 3D robot vision technology to increase production efficiency in major industries. These industries include automotive, footwear, steel, and electronics, just to name a few. They use robot realization technology based on 3D vision, robot control, and AI. Using full 3D graphical UI, they can check the robot’s path from different angles, all under a system operation platform. In addition, it supports different kinds of communication with external devices such as PLCs and robots for integrated use. Furthermore, 3D and AI can accurately recognize atypical objects to be quickly and accurately moved to the desired position to increase the production rate and reduce costs.

Bigwave Robotics (Marosol)


Bigwave Robotics is the developer of Marosol, an AI-powered robotics automation matching service. It is the only online robotic automation platform in Korea that matches supply and demand companies. Therefore, they are active in both the supplier and customer sides of the business. They got funded by Kakao and KB Investment.


Safetics is a robotics startup in Korea that has developed a solution that analyzes and predicts the safety of collaborative robots. This means there is no longer a need to do physical experiments, as all experiments will occur in a simulation. Robots using this solution can perform real-time safety diagnoses, which can then prevent safety accidents in the workplace.

Safetics got an investment from Naver D2SF, and their plans moving forward will be to actively discuss collaboration with Korean and foreign companies.


Floatic is a warehouse automation startup that develops robotics solutions to automate the process of shipments for eCommerce logistics centers. They develop robots that can be used with existing warehouse management systems, collaborative robots that can be rented, and a controlling software system. Moreover, Floatic has collaborated with Korean fulfillment startups such as Techtaka and DoHands. They have raised $2.6 million for their pre-Series A round. The investments in the round came from Be High Investment, Korea Development Bank, Hyundai Motor Co. ZER01NE, Industrial Bank of Korea, and Naver D2SF.